It goes without saying that sugaring isn’t necessarily for everyone. Sure, living the sweet sugar life looks enviable from the outside looking in, but it’s important to realize that it’s a better fit for some would-be sugar babies than others. So how can you know for sure whether or not you’re the right type of gal? Ask yourself the following questions and carefully consider your answers before going all in when it comes to sugar dating.

1. Why do I really want to be a sugar baby?

When people contemplate trying something radically different on for size, they’re doing it because they think it will change something specific about their life in general. That said, it’s definitely to your benefit to reflect a bit on why you want to be a sugar baby in the first place.

Is this something you’re trying on a whim because a friend is doing something similar? Are you just plain fed up with the games that characterize traditional dating and hoping sugaring will facilitate a better approach? Knowing why you want to be a baby in the first place not only helps you decide whether sugaring is really a fit for you, but gives you a well thought out answer to share with your would-be sugar daddy when he asks you this same question.

2. Do I truly understand what a sugar relationship is actually about?

One thing almost everyone gets wrong about sugar dating if they have little to no personal experience with it is what they think it’s about. Sugaring is not about sex. It’s not about the giving and receiving of money or material goods either. Sugar relationships are real relationships in every sense of the word. They’re just more honest and straightforward.

One accurate term you do hear used to describe sugar relationships is “mutually beneficial” and with good reason. They’re about people with separate sets of terms coming together with others whose terms are compatible. Together they settle on an arrangement that works for both parties. In other words, sugar relationships are a lot like other relationships. However, those involved are much more honest and open about what they do and don’t expect to get in exchange for what they’re willing to give.

3. What specifically am I looking for in a sugar relationship?

There are lots of differences between sugaring and traditional dating, but the high levels of honesty and straightforwardness that come with sugaring are among the most notable. Sugar daddies and sugar babies alike are typically very specific when it comes to what they want and expect out of their relationships, so you’ll definitely want to think about what you want.

Are you looking for a committed long-term relationship or just someone fun to take the occasional vacation with? What are your needs when it comes to a potential allowance or other arrangement with your sugar daddy? What do you bring to the table as a possible companion, and what do you expect the other person to give you in return for it?

4. What do I tell my friends and family?

To be fair, this (and others like it) is a question most people would ask themselves when getting into any new relationship. What will my parents think of my new partner? Will my friends judge me, or will they understand why I’m choosing this person? Will the dynamics of my relationship make others think less of me?

While it’s natural and normal to care what friends and loved ones may think of your important life decisions, you shouldn’t let their opinions make or break your experience. Good sugar babies are strong, independent women that confidently make decisions based on what’s right for them, not what others may or may not think of those decisions.

Before you make your final decision to take the plunge into the sugar bowl or not, it’s a good idea to chat with others who live the lifestyle if you haven’t already. They can fill you in on anything else you’re curious about and answer any question you may have about what it’s really like to be a sugar baby. Join the conversation today! You’re sure to be glad you did.