Even if it’s something they’d never personally be interested in, life as a sugar baby is the type of thing a lot of people are curious about and with good reason. It’s hard not to feel envious of the life a sugar baby lives. She’s young, beautiful, and vivacious. She’s also absolutely adored by rich, successful older men.

However, sugar babies and sugar dating alike are both wildly misunderstood. The following are just a few of the most common things nearly everyone assumes are true of not only sugar babies, but the fascinating lifestyle they lead. How many are you guilty of buying into?

1.“Sugar relationships aren’t real relationships.”

When people see a well-to-do older man with a beautiful, much younger woman, they jump to conclusions. They assume she’s only in it for the money and he’s clearly in it for the sex. In other words, they think sugar relationships aren’t actually relationships as they would define the word. However, while it’s true that sugar dating is a distinct way to approach relationships, it doesn’t make the relationships themselves any less real.

Many sugar relationships are incredibly loving, tender, and emotionally fulfilling for both parties. They’re also often built on firmer foundations than a lot of traditional relationships, as both parties are up front, clear, and open about their needs and expectations right from the get-go. No games. No lies. No misdirection.

2. “Sugar babies are desperate.”

Many people who don’t understand sugar dating assume a sugar baby must be desperate to one degree or another. Some assume she’s stupid or uneducated. Others think she’s shallow, preferring to get by on her looks instead of standing on her own two feet and “making something” of her life. Of course, neither type of person could be more wrong.

Most sugar babies are intelligent, appealing women with a lot to offer on every level. It’s not enough for a sugar baby to be young or pretty. Her sugar daddy is ultimately with her for the companionship, so she needs to be able to hold up her end of an intelligent conversation. She needs to be witty, and poised, and sociable as well. In other words, your average sugar baby is the very furthest thing from desperate.

3. “Sugar babies are dirty little secrets.”

It’s 2019. There will always be a few judgmental people out there looking down their noses at others, but that doesn’t change the fact that society’s never been more liberated. People are finally free to pursue whatever they wish as far as how they want to live and with whom. If a sugar baby keeps her relationship on the downlow, it’s because she’s private and wants to play things that way. It’s not because she has to.

The social status a sugar baby gets to enjoy thanks to her sugar daddy means she can afford not to care what other people think of her choices. She knows she’s living the sugar life because it’s what works for her and so does her sugar daddy. There’s nothing dirty or secretive about sugar dating. In fact, most sugar babies and sugar daddies are as proud of what they share as other people are of their own relationships.

4. “Sugar dating is a threat to society.”

People have a tendency to fear what they don’t understand, so it makes sense that some people are afraid of what the rise of sugar dating could mean for society at large, and they really shouldn’t be. You have to be a person of integrity for sugar dating to be right for you in the first place. You have to really know yourself and understand your needs. You also have to be an excellent communicator, as well as capable of fully considering your partner’s needs.

In other words, most of what the rest of society could learn from sugar babies and sugar daddies is overwhelmingly positive. Living your life to the absolute fullest with honesty and integrity is commendable, not to mention non-negotiable if you’re interested in avoiding to get scammed in sugar dating.

At the end of the day, there’s so much people still don’t understand about life as a sugar baby. However, it’s a wonderful lifestyle for the right type of person. Do you have what it takes to live the sugar life?

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