When your brand new to the idea of sugar dating, it quickly becomes clear that finding a really good sugar daddy is easier said than done. As is the case with any other type of dating, you’re bound to meet a lot of guys that aren’t what they claim to be, but thankfully you can learn how to spot some of the most common red flags. The following are just a few examples.

1. He’s selfish.

Fake sugar daddies labor under the false delusion that the sun, moon, and stars all revolve around them. They take it for granted that a potential sugar baby’s entire universe should revolve around him as well. In legitimate sugar relationships, the opposite is true. Real sugar daddies delight in treating their sugar babies like gold.

That said, think twice about any would-be sugar daddy who seems narcissistic and selfish. A happy sugar dating relationship is mutually beneficial – something that’s just as much about your needs as it is his.

2. He brags about his money.

Men who are truly rich and successful don’t feel the need to remind everyone around them of that fact every chance they get. They don’t brag ad nauseum about the number of Rolex watches or Armani suits they own. They don’t look for excuses to work their huge salary into as many conversations as possible either. They know that true success speaks for itself.Be wary of a man that can’t (or won’t) stop talking about how rich he is. To begin with, there’s a good chance that he isn’t really all that rich and simply thinks pretending to be will be enough to get him a sugar baby. Second, being a good sugar daddy isn’t necessarily about being the richest guy alive. It’s about treating your sugar baby well and seeing that her needs are adequately met. (Who wants to be with someone who brags anyway, rich or not?)

3. He thinks he’s doing you a favor.

So-called sugar daddies that aren’t worth anyone’s time sometimes think it’s OK to treat their sugar babies like they’re the ones getting all the benefit out of what a mutually beneficial relationship should be. Yes, a sugar baby benefits immensely from her sugar daddy’s high status in life, but it’s important to remember that the benefits really do go both ways.

Like all relationships, sugar dating relationships take effort, and you get out of them what you put into them. A good sugar baby showers her sugar daddy with love, affection, attention, and emotional support. She’s there for him, and she makes him feel like the world’s a better place to be because of her. In return, a good sugar daddy appreciates all that she does. He doesn’t lord it over her and make her feel like he’s doing her a favor even bothering with her. So there’s a pertinent question arising: is stress-free sugar dating actually possible?

4. He’s just not a very good guy.

Men that make good sugar daddies aren’t just well-to-do. They’re generally very good people with excellent social skills. They’re polite, they’re fair, and they treat others with honesty and fairness. In other words, they’re not only a pleasure to be around, but they’re people others are proud to be associated with, their sugar baby included.

Steer clear of men who clearly don’t value essential characteristics like integrity, kindness, consideration, and thoughtfulness. Definitely don’t give your time to a so-called sugar daddy who is ever cruel, rude, or mean to you. No amount of money makes dealing with someone like that worth it.

5. He doesn’t keep his word.

Speaking of integrity, you don’t want to get (or stay) involved with anyone who doesn’t do what he says he’ll do. Does he make a lot of promises that he never actually follows through with? Can you count on him to show up when he says he will and do things he says he’ll do, or is he always full of excuses?

Again, good sugar relationships are based on mutual respect. You need to be able to count on each other to keep the promises you make. If the guy you’re with can’t or won’t do that, you’d be better off giving your time to someone else. Smart sugar babies know their worth and won’t settle for anything less, so always make sure you do the same.

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