Women aren’t the only ones who eventually get tired of all the games and unspoken expectations involved in traditional dating and decide to become sugar babies. Men who make the grade can’t help but fantasize about making the jump to sugar dating for the exact same reasons. However, liking the idea of being a sugar daddy and actually having what it takes to be a good one are two different things. The following are some signs you might just be cut out for life in the sugar bowl as well.

You know you have a lot to offer.

Those unfamiliar with sugar dating tend to wrongly picture filthy rich, but largely unappealing older men when they think of the typical sugar daddy. In reality, you have to be a lot more than just rich, so someone who only has money to offer won’t get far. Yes, sugar daddies are affluent, successful men who are well-established financially, as well as usually over 40. However, they’re also handsome, well-groomed, charming, educated, articulate, and well-traveled – total packages in every sense of the word.

You want your next relationship to be straightforward.

Once you reach a certain point in life, you just really feel like you’ve seen and experienced it all when it comes to dating. If you’ve ever asked yourself why two people in a relationship can’t just be honest about what they really want and need from each other right from the get-go, then sugar dating will be a refreshing change of pace. Sugar relationships are described as “mutually beneficial” for a reason. Both people state their needs right out of the gate, both people agree on the terms of their arrangement, and both people benefit. It’s that simple!

You’re a generous guy who likes to treat women well.

Half the point of making money and climbing the ladder of success is being able to pamper those you love, right? If you’re the type of guy who loves to share the fruits of his success and see other people benefit from them, then you’ve definitely got the soul of a sugar daddy. Great daddies love the companionship and company their sugar babies bring to the table. They not only want to share their lives with the right women, but they love making those women light up by being generous and giving.

You’re emotionally mature and easygoing.

Good sugar daddies are stand-up guys. Their word is truly their bond, so they never make promises they don’t absolutely intend to keep. If a daddy says he’s planning a romantic cruise to the Bahamas for Valentine’s Day, his baby knows that it’s absolutely happening. She never has to worry that something he’s promised her sounds too good to be true, because he’s just not that kind of guy. Good daddies are also easygoing guys who never lose their cool and never harbor resentments. They’re not the type to be jealous or to begrudge their sweet sugar babies other meaningful relationships in their lives either.

You need a relationship that fits your busy lifestyle.

If you’re like most successful men, you don’t exactly have a lot of time on your hands. That means traditional dating and relationships are more or less no-goes. You know from hard personal experience that sooner or later, the other person will simply get tired of not having 100 percent of your attention at all times. Sugar relationships are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs, not the other way around. All you need to do is be up front and honest about what you can offer when it comes to your time and resources.

You’re an amazing communicator.

Most sugar relationships come with a considerable age gap, so great communication skills are a must if you serious about keeping your sugar baby happy. (Financial status gaps can present challenges of this nature as well.) Great daddies know how to make themselves understood without ever making the other person feel small. In fact, they’re amazing when it comes to being respectful, having an amazing sense of humor, and more or less always knowing exactly what to say.

The more of the above characteristics you see in yourself, the more likely you are to love life in the sugar bowl. What have you got to lose? Explore your options today!