So you’ve done your research. You’ve weighed all the pros and cons. You’re certain that sugaring is the life for you and that you really want to become a sugar baby. You even know a thing or two about how to get started. Now it’s time to know what you should do next, as well as what you shouldn’t. The following are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you begin to explore the wonderful world of sugaring.

DO Make Sure He’s the Real Deal

Fake people who aren’t as honest as they should be simply come with the territory when you’re dating, especially when you’ve made it clear what you are and aren’t looking for. Always make sure a potential sugar daddy is who he claims to be before you agree to meet up with him or enter into an agreement. Google him, scope him out on social media, and check up on any details he gives you about his life. If you’re using the internet to find prospective matches, make sure you stick to top-notch sites that make it a point to screen members and verify identities before people are allowed to join.

DON’T Play It Coy

Sugar daddies aren’t just any potential love interests. These are rich, powerful men who not only know what they want, but are used to getting it. Unless someone specifically says they have a thing for shy, retiring sugar babies in particular, you’ll want to be very confident and up-front. Be yourself and look him in the eye when you talk to him. Tell him how you feel and what you want in no uncertain terms. If you can’t or won’t, he’ll choose someone who can and will.

DO Look Your Best

Contrary to popular belief, looks aren’t all sugar daddies are looking for in a sugar baby, but they’re definitely very important. Being beautiful, poised, and well put together is a powerful thing any way you slice it, and this is no less the case when you’re talking about sugar dating. Show up looking your best and with your mind set on making a positive first impression. Put on a flattering outfit that also makes you feel your best and most confident. Come prepared to put your best foot forward in every sense of the word.

DON’T Be Clingy or Possessive

No one wants to deal with someone who’s moody, jealous, or clingy, and sugar daddies dislike that sort of behavior more than most. Healthy sugar relationships are based on honesty, emotional integrity, and mutual benefits. There’s no room for drama, possessiveness, or games, and your sugar daddy isn’t going to put any of that. Respect the boundaries your sugar daddy sets. If he doesn’t want you to call him at work or show up at his place unannounced, respect him enough not to do those things.

DO Be Direct

Although sugar relationships are very much real relationships, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re also arrangements. Before officially entering into an agreement, most sugar babies and sugar daddies sit down together and decide how things are going to go so that there are no misunderstandings or hurt feelings on either side later on. Your sugar daddy is going to be clear with you about what he does and doesn’t expect of you. Make sure you’re just as clear with him. Tell him what you expect in return, and be sure to ask all the questions you need to.

DON’T Waste His Time

The average sugar daddy isn’t just wealthy and important. He’s also likely to be the type that’s incredibly busy. Busy men don’t like having their time wasted, so you’ll want to make the absolute most of the time the two of you are able to spend together. Always do what you say you’re going to do and by when. Keep your promises. Don’t be flaky, unclear, or develop a habit of cancelling plans, especially at the last minute. It won’t be long before your sugar daddy grows tired of that.

Being a good sugar baby is something that takes experience and finesse to get exactly right, so it’s important to be clear, mature, and straightforward in your sugaring efforts. It’s the best way to make sure you get what you want out of sugaring over the long term.