For many people that have recently come to the end of a long-term relationship, the question is whether to go on an indefinite run of casual dates or to embark on yet another long-term partnership. It is a question worth asking as it has a lot to do with a person’s fulfillment and satisfaction at a crucial period in his life. For men that are dealing with the aftermath of a breakup or a painful divorce, one course of action or the other may determine how he happy he will be for the next several years.

One thing also worth keeping in mind is that the distinction isn’t so much about the length of time you will maintain the relationship as the level of commitment you will devote to it. It is possible to have a long-term sugar dating relationship, just as you could have a string of shorter romantic interludes. The inverse is of course true as well, and is in fact the more common way of doing things. Most people tend to stick with their romantic partners for longer periods, and change sugar dating partners more frequently.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that the choice is between getting involved in a long-term ‘serious’ relationship and several sugar dating relationships. Let’s take a look at what each course of action involves and the implications of each.

Long-term relationships pro and cons

The benefits of a long-term relationship are fairly obvious. Staying with a single partner for a prolonged period of time gives you the advantage of developing an intimacy, trust, and familiarity that simply cannot be achieved with any other type of relationship. As many married couples know, being together with someone for so long makes you almost become the same person. You frequently know what the other is feeling or thinking and you may even develop the ability to finish each other’s sentences.

The downside is such closeness and familiarity can get downright boring. Over time, it can be a struggle to maintain the passion and fascination that are so often integral aspects of a relationship. When boredom sets in, you could feel frustrated and disappointed in the relationship, and you may feel trapped. You may begin to resent your partner, and even be unable to stand the sight of her.

Of course, not all long-term relationships end up this way. It is possible to maintain love and affection even after many years spent together. However, it will require a lot of work and a firm commitment to keep the relationship healthy. Both partners will have to exert effort into keeping the relationship fresh and exciting, and the effort will have to be constant. By putting in the work to make a long-term relationship healthy, you just may be rewarded by a bond of trust, love, and affection that no other type of relationship can provide.

Sugar dating relationships pro and cons

The other option is to go on as many sugar dating relationships as you need to keep you fulfilled and satisfied. There is certainly no shortage of women out there who are willing to be a sugar babies to sugar daddies that are willing and able to support them financially.

Focusing all your efforts on maintaining sugar dating relationships has a number of advantages and disadvantages as well. On the plus side, you will have a near-endless stream of young and beautiful women to provide you with companionship and other perks. Although they won’t necessarily be at your beck and call, it will be like having your very own girlfriend without the emotional commitment of a romantic relationship.

With a sugar dating relationship, every time you get bored or lose interest in your partner, you could simply take on a new one. This in itself could be viewed as both an advantage and a disadvantage. The prospect of having a fresh new sugar baby every time you wish would seemingly be appealing to most men. But this type of ‘quick fix’ tends to undermine the value of personal relationships and somehow cheapens the experience for everyone involved. After all, how much value would you really be able to place on a relationship if partners can be discarded so easily? Over time, you could develop a jaded and cynical view of relationships, and you may never be able to enter into a serious one again.

Working your way from one to the other

There is a sort of middle ground in which you can function. In the wake of a failed relationship, you could gradually ease yourself into the scene by embarking on a series of low-stress and low-commitment sugar dating relationships. You could make it clear to the sugar babies that you hook up with that you are not looking for anything permanent and that you are simply trying to get back into circulation.

If you explain your side clearly, many sugar babies will understand and even willingly serve as your partner. Over time, you could work your way back into looking for a more lasting relationship, perhaps even with one of the sugar babies that you initially hooked up with during your ‘rebound’ phase.

Go at your own pace

One of the most important things to keep in mind at this stage is to do what makes you comfortable and what fulfills you. There is no reason why you should have to feel compelled to choose one course of action in preference to the other, just as you shouldn’t be pressured into doing one thing if you would prefer to do the other. Remember that this is your life–or at least the next several months of it–that you are planning. Only you can determine what is right or wrong for you.

As with any other relationship-related aspect, always act in your best interests, and temper it with a consideration for the feelings and wishes of your partner and the people around you. If you proceed in this manner, the path will open up for you, and it will be easier to make the appropriate decision.

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