Of all the many reasons why people enter into sugar dating relationships, seeking happiness is probably one of the most common. For older men that embark on such relationships in the later years of their lives, there is commonly a desire to regain some of the joy and satisfaction that have been lost over the years.

While the desire for happiness is certainly a valid reason to take on a sugar baby, you have to ask yourself whether or not your expectations of your particular relationship are realistic. Not all sugar dating relationships are the same, and what might result in long-term happiness for one couple may not be much more than a roll in the hay for others.

No one can tell you whether or not you are justified in seeking happiness from a particular sugar baby, just as no one can tell you that sugar dating is not the way to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, only you can make an honest assessment of your chances of finding happiness with a sugar dating relationship or with a particular sugar baby.

What do you really want out of the relationship?

Achieving happiness so often comes from getting what you want. Since you are attempting to derive happiness from your sugar dating relationship, it only makes sense to ask yourself what it is you want the relationship–and your relationship partner–to provide.

Some sugar daddies are happy to simply have their sugar babies serve as companions for social functions, whether for dates, special events, or some other public encounter. For such sugar daddies, simply having their sugar babies by their sides where other people can see them is enough of a reward in itself.

Most other sugar daddies require more from their sugar babies. In addition to accompanying sugar daddies to social functions, sugar babies may also be expected to provide companionship in more private and/or intimate settings. Still other sugar daddies expect their sugar babies to function practically as real girlfriend, with all the care, affection, attention, and even sexual privileges that such a relationship entails.

If some or all of these requirements aren’t met, you may feel dissatisfied within the relationship. Over time, this dissatisfaction could become the overall tone of the relationship, making it impossible for you to derive any enjoyment, much less happiness.

Is your current sugar baby the right one?

One of the most important factors in determining your ability to derive happiness from your sugar dating relationship is ending up with the right woman. What makes this all the more challenging is that there really isn’t any single set of parameters that determine whether or not a particular sugar baby is the right one for you. The suitability of a sugar baby for the type of rewarding and fulfilling relationship that you require is a very individual and personal thing. Only you can determine whether or not your sugar baby is “The One”.

That said, there are indicators that point to the suitability of a sugar baby. If you find yourself frequently laughing together and enjoying even the most trivial and insignificant things, there is a good chance that your relationship is built on genuine affection and interest in one another rather than solely passion or lust. Although there is nothing wrong with relationships built on lust–many have in fact gone on to become something so much more–a relationship wherein both partners are generally caring and affectionate toward one another have a much better chance of resulting in lasting happiness.

Having a sugar baby accede to your every wish is certainly a nice thing to have, but you don’t necessarily want someone who just does what you ask because you are paying her. Most such arrangements rarely–if ever–result in genuine happiness. Instead, you might be better of focusing your efforts on developing a relationship wherein you and your sugar baby functions on a place of mutual respect and genuine affection.

Grounding yourself in reality

Don’t be misled into thinking that every little piece of the puzzle has to be in place in order for you to have a happy and satisfying relationship. Although it will help, you don’t necessarily need to have the perfect girlfriend, the perfect scenario, or the perfect arrangement. The funny thing about happiness is that it will blossom in even the harshest and most ill-suited environment, and yet remain elusive even if seemingly all the pieces are in place.

The lesson here is not to wait until everything perfect before you allow yourself the luxury of being happy. If you keep holding out for something that is just a little bit better than what you have already, you might risk losing out on a good thing.

When your goals differ

Even with widely divergent goals and interests, it is possible for you to find happiness with your sugar baby. You’ve probably heard of the saying “opposites attract”. This so often rings true in the world of sugar dating, and you many have been pleasantly surprised to hit it off with someone with whom they have absolutely nothing in common.

The key here is to find a middle ground, whether it means working toward a compromise or finding a way to complement each other’s better qualities. If you are able to achieve some sort of harmony and mutual respect, your differences may only make the relationship deeper and more enriching, rather than conflicted and intolerable.

Don’t give up

If you are unable to find happiness in your current sugar dating relationship, don’t give up hope! The path to happiness can be a long and arduous one, but you never know what waits at every turn. At the very least, learn from your previous experience and use what you have learned in order to make a more informed decision about your next relationship. With so many ready and willing sugar babies out there–and the knowledge that you have acquired–happiness can only come your way sooner or later.

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