Ghosting – it’s something everyone does on dating sites every so often, whether they want to admit it or not. However, despite knowing the reasons why you might ghost somebody else, it can be a little tougher to figure out why it happens to you. The following are some common reasons someone who totally seemed interested at one point may have ultimately decided to ghost you.

They Chose Somebody Else

If you’re like most sugar daters, you play the field and chat up more than one prospect at a time when you’re still evaluating possibilities. Once someone in particular starts to show more promise, you might consider focusing solely on them going forward, but not before. Keep in mind that everyone else on your sugar dating platform of choice is doing the exact same thing.

That said, the person who ghosted you may well have liked you very much. However, they may have decided they liked someone else better and simply dropped things with anyone else they were talking to, you included. Not everyone takes the time to message those who didn’t make the cut to let them know.

You Came on Too Strong

We get it. Sometimes you just really, really like someone and want to make sure they know it so there’s no room for misunderstanding. You message them a lot. You call. You text. You push for more right away because you don’t want to risk losing a real gem to somebody else. Sometimes this can work for people, but it’s a lot more likely it comes across as way too clingy, if not a little obsessive.

Has anyone ever told you that you come on a little too strong? Have exes or past dates ever described you as clingy, smothering, or high-maintenance? If so, you might want to consider reeling your dating style in a little bit. Assertiveness, openness, and enthusiasm are all awesome traits that can take you far in the sugar bowl. Just take care not to overdo things, especially in the beginning.

They Don’t Feel They Can Be Honest

Everyone knows what it’s like to date someone or talk to someone that they just weren’t that into for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s something you can put your finger on, but not always. All you know is you’re positive you’re not interested in pursuing anything further with the person and you’d like to move on as soon as possible. Here are 3 reasons to use quality sites to take guesswork out of sugaring!

Sometimes people take the time to explain things to the other person, but often they simply choose not to and ghost instead. After all, is there really any easy way to tell someone you found their personality off-putting or that you just didn’t find them physically attractive once you finally met in person? The same goes for the complete absence of chemistry on that person’s end. Many people don’t appreciate hearing honest explanations like these, so the other person might be afraid of how you’ll react. They also may not really see the point in bothering, figuring you’ll eventually get the message on your own.

They’re Just Not Ready

Sometimes you actually get pretty far into the process of getting to know someone. You legitimately feel like things are going really well, and you feel yourself getting excited about the possible future of your connection. Then… it happens. The person suddenly stops returning your calls or answering your messages. None of your attempts to make contact are reciprocated. Ghosted again.

Believe it or not, some people – especially those new to sugar dating in general – suddenly decide the whole thing’s just really not for them for no real reason at all. They may have met with disapproval from a friend or family member. They may have simply changed their mind about becoming a sugar baby or sugar daddy in the first place. Again, sometimes people simply find it easier to cut off contact than explain themselves properly.

Although no one likes to be ghosted, it’s important to realize that it simply comes with the territory sometimes, especially these days. Do what you can to put your best foot forward, but understand that you may get ghosted anyway. Keep in mind that it happens to everyone, and that it may not be about you at all.