How much importance should you place on your sugar baby? Now, that might seem like an odd question to ask about another person, particularly one that you are in a relationship with. But the nature of a sugar dating relationship does necessitate a bit of objectivity on your part, as well as a certain degree of detachment.

When you consider the dynamics of a sugar dating relationship–one in which you are the main financial provider to a dependent sugar baby–you will certainly understand the importance of protecting yourself at all times. Whether it involves your emotional, financial, or physical well-being, your priority should be to ensure your best interests.

Given that your sugar baby is the other part of the equation, it is only logical to ask yourself just how much importance should you place on her. How important should your sugar baby be to you? How much of yourself–and of your life–should you share with her? This article should give you a few ideas as to how you should deal with this situation and the implications of each course of action.

The role of your sugar baby

First off, it might be helpful to figure out the role that you expect your sugar baby to play in your life. This will help you determine how much of your life is appropriate to share and the level of trust that you can place in her.

The most basic sugar dating relationship involves paying for a sugar baby to serve as your companion or as a sort of “pseudo” girlfriend. This isn’t necessarily something that should be looked down upon. Consenting adults being what they are, there is absolutely no reason why two people of legal age and of right mind should not be able to enter into such an arrangement of their own free will.

Think of it as a sort of business arrangement in which both partners get something of equivalent value from each other. As the sugar daddy, you pay money for the services of a sugar baby, who reciprocates with time, company, and possibly even care, affection, and sex.

Now, in such a scenario, things are pretty much cut and dried between you two. There really isn’t any need for your sugar baby to play a bigger role in your life, and you two could find sufficient fulfillment within such clearly-defined parameters.

Things will get a bit less straightforward if one or both partners expect more out of the relationship. If you want a partner who actually cares about you on a romantic level, you will have to shift your focus from a business-like relationship to one that is more accommodating of your sugar baby’s personal needs and desires. You will have to be more attentive to her goals for the future, show more concern about her personal plans, and even pay more attention to her moods. That being the case, you are looking at a relationship that is less about sugar dating and more about something that could turn into a long-term arrangement.

Making room for a sugar baby

Ask yourself this: are you really willing to make room in your life for a person who could end up being something more than “just a sugar baby”? It’s a crucial question to ask yourself, and the answer will determine just how much of yourself is appropriate to share with your partner. Someone that you expect to be your partner for better or worse will of course have more expectations from the relationship. With such a person, you simply can’t make the same demands on her time and attention as you would if you were to retain her services strictly as a sugar baby.

“Making room” isn’t simply about making sure your sugar baby fits into your specifically-structured and rigidly-defined life. You will also have to consider how much you can trust her and if she is deserving of that trust. Are you willing to give her control over certain areas of your life–such as your finances and your personal security–to your sugar baby? Would you share your bank account information or computer password with her, for example?

Admittedly, these might seem like extreme examples of the lengths that sugar daddies will go to keep a sugar baby in their lives. But that is typical of the type of information that married couples share with each other. And for purposes of discussion, that is the type of relationship that you could potentially be building with your sugar baby.

Is your sugar baby truly someone you can trust?

Before you make such a serious commitment, it is vital to assess just how trustworthy your sugar baby is. Is she someone you can trust implicitly without any reservations whatsoever? Have you proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that you can trust her with your well-being just as you would a wife?

These are hard questions to answer and you will definitely have to give them some serious thought. Remember that you will essentially be letting someone who was a complete stranger only a few months ago into your life, so think hard about it. The last thing you want to be is one of those gullible sugar daddies that unwittingly signed away their assets to a scammer masquerading as a sugar baby.

Get some perspective

Before you make any major decisions, try to get some perspective by talking to some close friends and family members. Be honest about your relationship and how far you are planning to take things. This is especially important if you live alone and will be totally dependent on your sugar baby for companionship. In such a scenario, it is way too easy to lose sight of what is best for you, and you could easily be misled into making a decision that would be disadvantageous to you. By talking things over with a friend or a family member that you know to be genuinely concerned about your welfare, you may be able to avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

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