In any sugar dating relationship, the financial aspect of the arrangement is one of the main priorities of the sugar daddy, if not the top one. After all, providing for the financial needs of his sugar baby is his primary responsibility. Although there may be other roles and responsibilities that he is expected to fulfill, this is the single most important thing that defines his role.

Obviously, you will have to provide your sugar baby with sufficient and appropriate financial support. This is where confusion often comes in. There really isn’t a single set of guidelines that determine how much financial support is appropriate. Depending on your agreement with your sugar baby, you may merely have to pay the rent for her current residence. Other sugar babies will ask that you set her up in a new apartment or condo. The terms may differ, and you may be expected to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands every month.

In this blog post, we discuss the details of financial support within a sugar dating relationship and how you can deal with the different scenarios that could potentially come up.

What is fair?

In general, the amount that you provide to your sugar baby is directly proportional to the commitment that you expect from her. If you want her to be available to you as often as you want, you will have to pay for the privilege. This typically involves making it easier for her to accommodate your wishes, which means paying for her apartment and possibly even a car.

If your needs and expectations are more modest, you might be able to get away with simply giving her a regular allowance. This could be enough to cover part–or all–of her rent, some of her day-to-day expenses, and so on. You can then decide to give her additional cash and/or gifts as you see fit.

Agreeing on the terms beforehand

In most cases, the best way to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding is to set the terms for financial compensation beforehand. You can be as specific and as meticulous about this aspect of your arrangement as you wish, but it is generally preferable to set the terms as specifically as possible. This will clarify how much you are expected to give to your sugar baby and what you will get in return.

Discussions regarding financial compensation and reciprocated services often only go one way, with most of the discussion revolving around how much money you as the sugar daddy will give to your sugar baby. The actual specifics of the reciprocated services are rarely–if ever–discussed in thorough detail. This tends to place the sugar daddy at a strict disadvantage, as only the sugar baby knows what she is getting out of the deal. The sugar daddy, for his part, is often left wondering how much is too much with regard to the services that the sugar baby provides.

Don’t shy away from having that all-important talk about compensation and remuneration as early on in the relationship as possible. Admittedly, it may feel a bit awkward to bring up such a potentially sensitive topic with someone you have just met and are trying to start a relationship with. Furthermore, it doesn’t really get any easier to talk about this particular subject over time. But discussing the matter in no uncertain terms is absolutely necessary in order to avoid problems later on.

Going on an “as-needed” basis

Providing your sugar baby money on a “per need” basis is generally not a good idea. This tends to be a very inconvenient arrangement for you both, and you may eventually be bothered by the constant requests for money. Furthermore, few sugar babies will put up with an arrangement in which they have to ask their sugar baby for every little expense that comes up. This is demeaning and undignified, and there is often a sense of having to beg for money that should be given freely.

An arrangement in which you hand over cash every time it is asked for also opens you up to the risk of being taken advantage of. It will be difficult for you to keep track of how much you are spending this way, unless you are strict about keeping records. As you can imagine, it can be quite a mood killer to whip out the record books every time your sugar baby asks you for money for the rent or for clothes shopping. Take the time to discuss the specifics of your arrangement beforehand and you could avoid some potentially messy scenarios.

Gifts, bonuses, and added perks

Even if you have discussed the financial aspects of your relationship thoroughly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give your sugar baby gifts and treats on occasion. In fact, your sugar baby will likely appreciate you more for it, and it is a great way to add some spontaneity to the relationship.

Don’t begrudge every little thing that you give your sugar baby. Sticking strictly to the terms of the agreement is one thing, but being a tightwad is always an excessive and highly unattractive quality.

When your sugar baby takes advantage of you

Regardless of the arrangement that you and your sugar baby agree upon, under no circumstances should you tolerate being taken advantage of. If you feel that your sugar baby is taking liberties with the apartment, the cash or gifts that you give her, or any other aspect of your generosity, let her know how you feel. Give her a chance to air her side, but don’t put up with any nonsense either. There are very few situations wherein being part of an abusive relationship is justified, and no sugar daddy deserves being treated in this manner. Make sure that your sugar baby understands that you find such behavior unacceptable and that you expect her to cease. If she refuses to or continues to take advantage of you, you are well within your rights to put an end to the relationship and walk away.

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