One of the best things about sugar dating is the high level of emotional honesty that characterizes most of the relationships. There are no mind games to look out for and no coy hints to figure out. There’s no jealousy to worry about either. Just two people who knew what they wanted out of a relationship and weren’t afraid to be up front about it. However, even sugar relationships require a little maintenance if they’re going to stay honeymoon sweet, especially over the long haul. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Keep Your Sugar Life Separate

This isn’t a hard and fast rule across the board, but it’s worth pointing out how well it works for a lot of sugar relationships. Not everyone understands what sugar dating is really all about or is accepting of people who decide it’s a fit for them. If you have many people in your life who think that way, it can easily generate drama that can sour your sweet relationship.

Unless both of you have a mutual interest in transitioning your sugar relationship into something more serious and permanent, keeping things duly separated can be a good way to manage expectations on all sides as well. All relationships need at least some boundaries in order to flourish, and sugar relationships are no exception.

Keep a Consistent Schedule

Whether it seems that way or not, everyone comes with their own set of personal expectations when it comes to relationships. It’s simply human nature, but it’s only a problem if you allow it to be, especially when it comes to scheduling. Agreeing on a schedule that works for both of you right up front can help avoid disappointment, frustration, or hurt feelings in the future. It also sets up a structure that revolves around clear communication instead of assumptions – something any relationship could benefit from.

Be Well-Rounded

Amazing sugar daddies are used to the very best when it comes to every aspect of their lives. They can’t help but want the same when it comes to their relationships with their sugar babies. Keeping up with your physical appearance is definitely part of this, but it’s important to understand looks alone aren’t going to keep your sugar daddy in your life.

Sugar babies that know how to keep their daddies content are also smart, emotionally astute, educated, and refined. They’re confident and self-assured without being cocky, vain, or arrogant as well. In other words, it pays to be as well-rounded as possible – a total package in every sense of the word.

Exercise Discretion

Remember what we said about how important boundaries are when it comes to not only your happy sugar relationship, but the place it occupies in your life. Most sugar daddies (and older men in general) aren’t usually completely open books, so err on the side of caution when it comes to discretion, and avoid asking too many personal questions. Always respect your sugar daddy’s privacy as well. Unless the both of you have agreed that discretion isn’t an issue for either of you, it’s best to keep your relationship just between the two of you.

It’s important to make sure your own privacy is respected as well. If you want to share information about your personal history or your past relationships, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t ever be made to feel it’s a requirement. If he pushes the issue, simply smile and gently change the subject.

Stay Genuine

There’s a lot about a really great, serious sugar relationship that can make it seem like a fantasy come true on either side of the equation. However, it’s actually more about being real, being down to earth, and being your wonderful self than it is anything else. People can tell when someone’s being fake or simply putting on a show. It makes it harder to really get to know that person and allow the relationship to deepen. (Plus, a person’s true colors always wind up showing sooner or later.)

Being genuine and vulnerable, on the other hand, is always a breath of fresh air. It shows that you trust your sugar daddy and care enough about him to give him a part of your heart not everyone gets to see. Try it and see for yourself!