As any veteran sugar dater can tell you, it’s hard to even think about going back to traditional dating once you’ve experienced the sugar bowl. For many people, sugar dating is a like a dream come true, not to mention a breath of fresh air of many years of disappointing relationships and dating situations. However, that doesn’t mean sugar dating doesn’t come with its own share of challenges.

There’s definitely a fine art to striking and maintaining the right balance, especially on an ongoing basis. Here’s a close look at how seasoned sugar veterans keep their dating life honey sweet, happy, and healthy. Do you do all of the following?

Have a Winning Attitude

When it comes to being successful at just about anything in life, having the right attitude is a huge part of the equation. This is no less the case when you’re a dedicated sugar baby or sugar daddy. To make the most of the sugar bowl, you need to know exactly what you want and be confident in the understanding that you deserve to get it. Don’t let the fact that other sugar daters may be doing things differently let you forget what you know you need in order to be happy.

Don’t compromise when it comes to things that are really important to you either Always be 100 percent up front and honest with your sugar partner about what you want, need, and expect from them. People may settle for less in traditional relationships, but sugar relationships are all about connections that are mutually beneficial to both parties, always.

Practice Gratitude

A sugar partner is several cuts above a traditional partner on many levels. Sugar daddies are affluent, successful, distinguished, and experienced in all the right ways. Sugar babies are youthful, vibrant, charming, and intelligent. They are next level people in every way, and they deserve to be with partners who treat them like it.

Always be grateful for everything your sugar partner does for you. Giving and receiving play huge roles in sugar relationships, so it really pays to be able to do both with grace and charm. You’re living the sweet life to be sure – the life that everyone else on the planet only wishes they could be living. It’s something to be exceeding grateful for and happy about.

Stay Independent

Although no two sugar relationships are alike as far as how serious or casual they may be, one thing’s for certain. Happy, healthy sugar relationships include two people who are very much their own people. There’s no place for neediness, insecurity, or codependence in a sugar relationship, so it’s very important to stay self-sufficient.

Babies should see sugar-related perks, gifts, and financial assistance as supplementary to the lifestyle they’ve already built for themselves. Daddies should have sources of social support, connection, and personal validation outside of what their babies give them. Of course you love your sugar partner, as well as everything they bring to your life, but you should always make sure your life as you know it wouldn’t suddenly grind to a complete halt without them.

Be Emotionally Mature

Anyone who’s familiar with the traditional dating scene knows how fraught with emotion the whole process of finding and keeping a partner can be. Emotions can run high, and they can make people do things they wouldn’t even consider doing normally. It’s easy for things to get out of control for both parties, especially if a given situation comes complete with unmet or unspoken expectations on either side.

Unchecked emotions have no place in the sugar bowl. Of course, you’ll feel deeply when you find the right person, but sugar daters should always be mature individuals with a good handle on their own feelings. Emotional baggage from past relationships has no place in a sugar relationship either. Make sure you’ve checked yours at the door.

At the end of the day, a healthy dating life in the sugar bowl is largely about being confident and emotionally mature at all times, as well as expecting the same from your partner. Communicate, know yourself, and seek balance always for results you’re sure to be happy with for many years to come.