Of course, money isn’t the only reason you’re dating your sugar daddy, but it remains an important topic in any relationship. It’s even more important in a mutually beneficial relationship, as a sugar baby needs to be able to count on her sugar daddy to help her stay on top of her finances. Here’s a closer look at how you can become more comfortable bringing the topic up under a variety of circumstances.

Be Direct

Even in today’s progressive society, many women are still deeply conditioned to think it’s unladylike and unattractive to be direct in asking for what they want, especially if they’re asking it of a man. However, a sugar baby isn’t just any girlfriend. She’s a dream girl who’s several cuts above average in every way, including forthrightness.

If you’re the type who has trouble asking directly for exactly what you want, it’s time to practice. If you don’t have a sugar daddy yet, but hope to, try practicing on men you’re not seriously interested in so you’re ready for the real deal one day. Consciously start being more direct in going after what you want in other aspects of your life as well, including at work, with friends, or at home with family. It’ll feel just like second nature before you know it.

The Phone Is Your Friend

In the event you’re just really not comfortable bringing up the topic in person yet, the phone is a perfectly acceptable alternative. It’s still the type of direct communication a good sugar daddy will expect from his sugar baby, but there’s also a bit of comfortable distance there that can make a really good buffer if you’re nervous.

A phone discussion also gives you less to worry about from a presentation standpoint. Over the phone, there’s no chance that your body language will potentially give away the fact that you’re not completely confident in what you’re asking for. You only have to worry about one thing – your voice – so practice what you want to say until you can say it with clarity and confidence.

Bring It Up Early

The sooner the topic of money comes up, the better. If you’re getting ready to go out on a first date with a potential new sugar daddy, you may not need to bring up finances at all. Most sugar daddies are pretty proactive and will bring up the potential arrangement on their own if they’re very interested in someone.

If he does indeed bring it up, don’t jump on the topic right away. Just tell him sweetly that you just want to spend your first meeting getting to know him and then continue being your charming self, but add that if he’s still interested after all is said and done, the two of you can discuss it at the end of the evening. He’ll like that he can’t simply win you over by bringing up the topic of money, as well as be pleased by the fact that you’re genuinely interested in finding out who he is.

Be prepared with an answer in the event a sugar daddy asks you what you want in that regard. If you’re comfortable stating it right out loud, go ahead and do so, but you can also take control of the conversation by asking him about previous arrangements (if he’s had them) and using what he tells you as a guide to move forward. If this will be his first arrangement, try asking him what he’s picturing as far as an ideal situation and go from there.

Be Honest

Remember directness is a key quality in a sugar baby, so make sure that you’re not simply asking for what you think is acceptable. Ask for what you truly want and need. Keep in mind that this is part of the deal when it comes to mutually beneficial relationships. A sugar baby should never feel like she’s asking for a handout when she brings up money or discusses her allowance with her sugar daddy.

She’s worth it. Her sugar daddy already knows it and she should know it too. Plus, that’s part of what comes with a healthy relationship – the comfort of knowing you can ask each other for what you need and trust that the other person will make it happen.