Although some things about being a sugar baby definitely get easier to tackle with a little practice, there’s one thing that always poses a bit of a challenge for most – talking about money. Most people are trained from an early age to see talking or asking about money as a total no-no, but this is especially the case for women in particular. The following are a few tips to keep in mind as you continue to explore the sugar bowl and build fulfilling sugar relationships that come complete with ample allowances.

  • Embrace the concept of asking for what you want.

If you’re like most sugar babies, you started sugar dating in the first place because you wanted to take control of your love life and have something different. Strong women who are in control are comfortable asking for what they want, even when that something is money, so it’s time to work on getting there. Practice makes perfect, so start by mindfully becoming more assertive in other areas of your life. Before long, talking money with your sugar daddy will feel like second nature.

  • Do your homework on your sugar daddy.  

Every sugar daddy is different, and not just when it comes to what their personalities are like or what they like to do on the weekends. They come from all walks of life and work in different fields, so they’re going to have different incomes as well. Smart sugar babies always get a read on a daddy’s range before talking allowances, so be sure to do some research before your discussion.

Find out what the average salary is for someone in his line of work and current location. Factor in any other details you may have gleaned about his financial situation as well (e.g. home ownership or whether or not he has kids) as well. Most sugar daddies share their income with their babies to the tune of 20 percent, so that’s a good jumping off point to start with.

  • Know what to expect when you have the talk.

If you arrange a meeting with a potential sugar daddy and he’s genuinely interested in you, he’ll definitely let you know it. It’s also highly likely that he’ll bring up the topic of an allowance first by asking you what you have in mind. If you’re comfortable simply stating the amount you’re hoping for, do so with confidence. Don’t lowball yourself though. Ask for what you really want and need in order to make the arrangement work for you.

Otherwise, you can respond by asking him for his range and taking things from there. Keep in mind that you should already know what to expect him to say because you’ve done your homework on him prior to your meeting.

  • Consider the arrangement as a whole.

A sugar relationship that’s as sweet for the baby as it is the daddy isn’t all about money. That said, it’s fine to have an ideal allowance amount in mind, and it’s also fine to decide you’re not willing to settle for anything less for any reason you like. However, it’s also good to remember that mutually beneficial relationships are still relationships. If you really click with a particular daddy who can’t afford your ideal allowance, it may be worth considering whether that special connection makes up for it.

  • Be prepared to move on to the next possibility.

Ultimately, you are the only one who will be able to decide whether a particular arrangement is going to work for you, so don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not happy with a daddy’s offer. Even in the sugar bowl, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If this daddy doesn’t see your value and isn’t willing to negotiate an arrangement that’s actually fair to you, then someone else will.

Don’t beg or be made to feel like you need to argue your case in regards to what you’re asking for. Someone who would make you do that in the first place isn’t going to be a good partner or a very sweet sugar daddy. Great sugar babies are several cuts above the rest, they know it, and they expect their daddies to know it too. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t.