Whether you’re simply curious about what it takes to be a sugar baby or are ready to get serious about living the sugar life for yourself, you should know that sugar dating is just like anything else in life. If you’re going to do it, it’s well worth your while to do it properly. The following are just a few tips to keep in mind if you’re looking to become a successful, beloved sugar baby at any point in the future.

Be frank and honest.

The beauty of sugar relationships is that they’re honest on a level most relationships never reach or even aspire to. There are none of the all-too-familiar expectations that conveniently go unexpressed and none of the coy guessing games that can so easily ruin other relationships. People who opt for sugar dating over traditional dating may do so for many reasons, but this is one of the biggest.

That said, one of the qualities that separates a truly sweet sugar baby from the rest is her forthrightness. Quality sugar babies are strong, empowered women who not only know what they need in order to feel fulfilled, but aren’t afraid to ask for it outright. They also know their limits and aren’t afraid to set and enforce boundaries in all of their friendships and personal relationships.

Don’t get overly comfortable.

Everyone’s familiar with the usual cycle of things when it comes to traditional dating situations. When you first start dating someone, you agonize over every fashion choice and spend lots of extra time on grooming if you think you might see them on a given day, because you want to look your absolute best for them.

However, once you’re in a relationship with that same person, that’s all out the window. You become increasingly comfortable sitting around in your sweats, going without makeup, or not really watching your weight, leaving your partner to wonder where the gorgeous bombshell they fell in love with disappeared to. A good sugar baby would never even consider letting that happen.

The whole point of choosing a sugar relationship over a traditional one is not having to deal with the stress, boredom, and disappointment that comes with most traditional dating situations. That said, it’s important not to become comfortable with your sugar daddy to the point where you’re no longer putting your best foot forward. An ideal sugar baby always makes it a point to look her best and be her best for her partner. She never stops putting in the effort, because she knows her sugar daddy is worth it.

Be discreet and respectful.

No one likes finding out that they’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t think twice before talking out of school or spreading someone else’s personal business around, and your would-be sugar daddy is definitely no exception. In fact, most sugar daddies are affluent, well-to-do men of high social standing, so they usually appreciate discretion even more than most.

Good sugar babies are always respectful of their sugar daddies’ wishes when it comes to who knows what about the two of you as a couple. That means they honor their requests when it comes to telling friends about the relationship, posting pictures on social media, and so forth. Some sugar daddies are fine with being 100 percent out in the open when it comes to their dating life, but others want to keep things between themselves and their sugar babies.

Be loving and accommodating.

Again, a sugar relationship isn’t like any other type of relationship. It’s meant to be a sweet fantasy come true for both parties, so your sugar daddy will expect you to make the most of whatever time he’s able to make for the two of you in his busy schedule. He’ll expect you to understand the limitations involved in dating someone as important as he is and accept them.

That said, a good sugar baby doesn’t complain that her daddy doesn’t spend more time with her or waste so much as a second of the time she does have with him. She’s always glad to see him. She’s supportive, loving, and perfectly sweet at all times. In other words, she’s a refreshing oasis in her sugar daddy’s life that he’s always happy to see in front of him. Do you have what it takes to be that for your would-be sugar daddy?