There are lots of things in life that seem so much better when you have more than just one. After all, who’s really satisfied with just one dollar, one pair of shoes, or one potato chip? Things get a little dicey when it comes to multiple relationships though, even in the sugar bowl where so many of your dating dreams can easily come true.  

However, maintaining multiple relationships with as many sugar daddies isn’t necessarily impossible. There are definitely sugar babies that manage it, but is it really a good idea? More importantly, is a multi-sugar daddy life really the right fit for you?

Why Have More Than One Daddy?

We’re no longer living in a day and age where commitment automatically means having only one relationship at a time. Plenty of modern people, both in and out of the sugar bowl, enjoy wonderfully fulfilling open relationships or polyamorous lifestyles, and why not? More relationships means more of everything that makes them desirable in the first place, including love, companionship, and connection.

Of course, if you’re in a mutually beneficial sugar relationship, more relationships will naturally mean more of those amazing benefits. Plus, many sugar babies who prefer dating multiple daddies love the way each daddy brings a little something different to the table as far as his uniqueness and the wonderful way that he loves her.

Do Sugar Daddies Really Want to Share?

To be fair, there are a lot of sugar daddies out there who don’t want to share their babies with anyone else, especially another daddy, and that’s understandable. If you’re a one-woman kind of man, a relationship that involves sharing your one and only with someone else isn’t going to meet your emotional needs. However, other daddies are perfectly fine with the idea of an open relationship. Some even find it exciting, so it’s all about finding daddies who are down with the type of relationship you’re most interested in having.

Whatever you do though, never date another man behind your sugar daddy’s back. Sugar relationships by definition are based on the type of openness, honesty, and forthrightness that’s nearly impossible to find outside of the sugar bowl. If you’re not willing to be the type of partner who values such things, you may not be ready for life in the sugar bowl after all. If you already have a sugar daddy and like the idea of opening up the relationship, sit down with him and discuss it. Not only will he appreciate your honesty, but he may be more open to the idea than you think.

How to Handle Multiple Daddies

So let’s say you’ve done it. You’ve got no fewer than two or three eager sugar daddies in your life. They know about one another, and they’re perfectly OK with the situation. Here are a few tips for making sure they all stay happy.

Be Respectful

No one likes to feel like anything less than number one on someone’s priority list. That said, it’s important to compartmentalize your relationships. Don’t call or text one daddy when you’re with another. Don’t cancel plans you’ve already made with one of your daddies to spend time with another either. If you’ve collectively decided that one of your sugar daddies is to be your primary relationship, make sure you’re treating him accordingly in every way.

Be Safe

If any or all of your sugar relationships are intimate on any level, make sure you’re being responsible when it comes to the health of all involved. Protection should always be a top priority no matter what, but it becomes especially important in the event you’re interested in multiple relationships or open arrangements.

Be Discreet

It should go without saying that multiple sugar daddies deserve the same level of discretion that one daddy does. Don’t discuss any of your sugar daddies with any of the others (unless that’s somehow a mutually agreed-upon feature of your relationship). Never play your daddies against one another or allow any one of them to feel “less than” on any level.

A good sugar baby who’s truly cut out to handle multiple sugar relationships at a time knows how to do it with grace and elegance. Are you up to the challenge?