Sugar babies aren’t the only ones who worry about making a good impression on a first sugar date with someone special. As a would-be daddy, you know how special your potential sugar baby is. You want to give her plenty of reason to pick you over the many other guys she could have, so planning the right first date is a must. Here are some great date ideas that are bound to impress just about any baby.

Treat Her to Live Entertainment

There’s a reason why so many people fall back on movie theaters as their go-to, can’t-miss first date idea. Not only does pretty much everyone love movies, but taking in a film together pretty much gives you a guaranteed conversation topic to turn to if the going gets rough. Unless you’re talking about a private showing or a trip to major film festival though, a movie date won’t make much of an impression on a sugar baby type.

Instead you can opt for live entertainment – same concept as a movie date, only elevated. Snag tickets to the hot theater show everyone’s been raving about. Take your would-be baby to a concert she’d love or to listen to some live jazz at your favorite upscale lounge. Live tapings of television shows or great seats at a live sporting event can be fun, memorable choices as well.

In search of your perfect sugar baby you have the chance to explore and try new interesting things, so keep an open mind and try to have a good time!

Take Her to a Vineyard

Do you happen to live near a wine country or otherwise have access to a local vineyard? Vineyard visits make incredible ideas for first dates. Events like tastings and private tours feel fancy enough to impress even the most discriminating sugar babies, but they manage to be that while remaining fun and accessible.

Vineyards are beautiful, romantic places to get to know someone special and enjoy those first conversations you’ll be looking back on for years to come if things go well. However, they’re casual enough that you can totally have fun, crack jokes, and feel comfortable getting a little bit buzzed in the process. If you know anything about wine, you can impress your date with your knowledge. If things go well, you can even buy your date a bottle or two to take home. This is a good way to show your baby that you are a funny, natural, interesting kind of person and a great sugar daddy!

Visit a Theme Park

Great first dates always show a would-be sugar baby a little bit about who her prospective sugar daddy is as a person. So… where do you take your date if you’re not exactly a wine connoisseur or a jazz aficionado? If you’re more the eternally youthful, fun-loving type, a theme park makes a wonderful potential location for a first date.

To begin with, theme parks bring out the kid in everyone, so you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t secretly (or not so secretly) love them. Also, these are places where there’s always something going on. There are games to play, rides to explore, treats to enjoy, and sights to stop and take in. Theme parks also come complete with plenty of opportunities to laugh, get closer, and have a few memorable moments.

Visit a Museum or Cultural Center

Are you the quiet, polished type with a passion for arts and culture? If so, you might find you have your best chance to shine someplace quiet, low-key, and intellectually charged like a museum. A chill, leisurely stroll through one of your favorite museums together will give you a wonderful opportunity to impress your date with everything you know about art, photography, and history. It will give you a chance to hear some of her thoughts on favorite pieces, as well as get a better read on your potential as a couple.

Cultural centers work just as well for this, so don’t be afraid to substitute one of your favorites. (The more unique, the better!) Enjoy some amazing conversation together, and then stop for a bite to eat or a drink when it’s time to take a breather.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to take for a spin when it comes to first date locations, but they’re definitely a good jumping off point to start from. You can choose your own kind of date, you own places where you can entertain and discover your sugar baby, the important thing is to keep being the sweetest and the greatest sugar daddy that she can find out there! Where are some of your favorite places to take a first date when you really want to impress her? How do you show her a good time she’s sure to never forget?