Sugar dating is one of the most enjoyable things you can do when you are older, and there is a real possibility of you having a fantastic time. But there is a flipside to any relationship. For all the fun and good times you can have, there may also be moments of stress and worry. Unless you are extremely lucky and end up with a sugar baby who is your perfect match, stress is likely something that you will have chance to encounter.

Even in the most perfect of relationships, there are bound to be times when friction occurs and conflict erupts. And as many sugar daddies will tell you, perfect sugar dating relationships are exceedingly few and far between. It seems then that stress is a normal part of the sugar dating experience.

But is it really? More importantly, does it have to be? Surely there is a way by which stress can be reduced or managed, if not eliminated entirely. Read on to find out how to deal with stress in the sugar dating relationship.

The sources of stress

One of the keys to dealing with stress in general is identifying what causes it or what factors contribute to its occurrence. In a sugar dating relationship, there are literally dozens of factors that can contribute to a stressful environment. When you think about it, a sugar dating relationship is almost bound not to work. Pair an older gentleman who is paying the bills with a young and beautiful woman who is required to reciprocate with care and affection, and there are countless things that can go wrong.

In order to better deal with stress, it is important to figure out just what is causing stress in the relationship. Is there someone or something that routinely gets between you and your sugar baby? An ex-boyfriend or an ex-wife are common culprits, and they can really put a damper on even the most harmonious relationships.

Is there some kind of character trait that you find objectionable in your sugar baby, or something that she finds objectionable in you? These have a way of being ignored in the early passionate stages of the relationship, only to have them rear their ugly heads later on and cause turmoil.

Setting yourself up for stress

It could also be that you have a personality that lends itself to building up stress. If you constantly lose your temper or you generally have a short fuse, you could be a walking, talking stress magnet for whom the least provocation is enough to set you off.

Ask yourself this: how do you deal with it when things go wrong? Are you always on edge, overly critical, or difficult to please? Are you too set in your ways? These questions will help you determine whether or not the cause of the stress is actually your own attitude. If that is the case, you really should find a way to address your personal issues before they have a chance to undermine all the hard work you have invested in your relationship.

If it is at all possible, try loosening up and resist the urge to have everything your way. Constantly trying to maintain control over every little thing is an almost surefire way to ensure a stressful existence. It might be difficult to let go of the reigns and to let the chips fall where they may, especially if you have been used to getting your way all your life. But doing so may enable you to enjoy what you have in your relationship and see it for the good that it brings to your life. If anything, reducing stress is also good for your health, so that’s just one more reason why you might consider letting out some slack.

Issues with your partner

In some cases, the stress may entirely be due to issues with your partner. Early on in the relationship, you are likely totally smitten with your partner, and any issues are probably swept aside or glossed over in your love, lust, or passion. But these things have a way of coming back and biting you, particularly when you least expect it. If your relationship goes on for long enough, some of the issues that may have seemed trivial or inconsequential early on may develop into a full-blown problem.

In such a scenario, your options are to discuss with your partner what it is you find so objectionable or to simply put an end to the relationship and walk away. These are discussed in the following sections.

Clearing the air

Communication is essential in any relationship. With proper communication, almost any obstacle can be surmounted. Without it, even the most rewarding and most exciting relationships are doomed to fail.

If you feel that your relationship with your sugar baby is worth saving, you owe it to both yourselves to clear the air with a good heart-to-heart talk. Explain in thorough detail what it is that you find issue with and how it is affecting you or how it is making you feel. It might also help for you to propose some suggestions on how the issue can be addressed.

You should also give your sugar baby the opportunity to air her own side. Chances are that she has a number of issues with you as well. Keep yourself open to criticism and be prepared to compromise if necessary. If the relationship–and your sugar baby–mean anything to you at all, you should do what it takes in order to save it.

When giving up is the only option

In the worst case scenario, your differences may be so great or the problem may be so severe that there is no choice but to give up the relationship. If you have to part ways, it is always preferable to do so civilly in as gracious a manner as possible. Resist the urge to be vindictive or hurtful and make every effort to part as friends. Keep in mind that you will likely want to jump right back into the sugar dating scene, so it doesn’t pay to burn any bridges.

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