It’s easy to think of all sugar babies as being certain types of women. Many of us are guilty of stereotyping sugar babies as money-hungry and manipulative, little more than bimbos at best and outright con artists at worst. But not all sugar babies fit into that mold, and definitely not all of them are as shallow and as materialistic as most sugar daddies commonly believe. For every sugar baby out there that fits the stereotype to a ‘T’, there are a few others that are genuine people with needs, ambitions, and desires, just like every other human being.

This is not to say that every sugar baby out there is an angel with a heart of gold. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason: they are so often actually true. There are money-hungry, manipulative, and unscrupulous women out there, and many of them do end up in the sugar dating pool. Everything that we have ever said about being on your guard at all times and protecting your best interests at all times still holds true. You simply can’t let your guard down once you enter the sugar dating arena, and you will find that the scene is especially unforgiving for the gullible and the naïve sugar daddy.

That being said, there are still good women to be found, and you may have the fortune to come across them in your search for your mate. We have taken it upon ourselves to interview a few sugar babies with the hopes of getting to know their stories and what makes them ‘tick’. It is our hope that these profiles will help you realize that beneath the slick and sometimes sleazy façade of sugar dating, there are actually real people out there whom you could consider yourself fortunate to meet.

Jenna, 25

Jenna is well familiar with the sugar dating scene, having been involved with no less than four sugar daddies since she was 19. The longest relationship she has had lasted for three years, with her present relationship just about coming up to the one year mark.

Jenna actually has a degree in economics, but none of the career options available really appealed to her. While still in college, she tried out becoming a sugar baby on the suggestion of a friend that was already experienced in the scene.

“I knew what a sugar baby was and what it entailed,” said Jenna. “But it wasn’t something that I really set out to do. I figure it was something I could do to take up the time and to make some money until I figured out my next move.”

Bree, 21

Bree is the baby of the bunch at only 21. A bright and bubbly young lady with a warm and pleasant disposition, it is easy to see why she gravitated to the sugar dating scene.

“I come from a big family, with close ties with my parents and siblings,” said Bree. “When I moved to the city, I missed having the closeness that was a such a large part of my growing up years. I had a couple of friends that were happy in their sugar dating relationships, and I thought it was great to have someone look after you and provide for your financial needs. It worked out very well for me, and I am on my second sugar daddy now!”

Chloe, 26

Looking at Chloe, one wouldn’t think that she already has two children. A dark-haired athletic beauty with a quick wit and a charming smile, she looks like she is barely out of her teens. Her vibrant personality actually makes her ideally suited to the sugar dating lifestyle, which has a tendency to spit out less resilient women.

“Sugar dating is a great way to make ends meet, which is always a concern with two children to support. They live with my mother and I see them all the time, but I still need to make sure they are fed and clothed, and that they are able to grow up in as normal an environment as possible,” said Chloe. “Their father really wasn’t much for living up to his responsibilities, so it was up to me to find a way to make it work.”

On whether or not she would let her children know how she makes a living, Chloe says: “Being a sugar baby isn’t something I plan to do forever. My current sugar daddy is very understanding and supportive with regard to my plans for the future, and he is even paying my way through a two-year business course. I’m still having fun being a sugar baby at present, but I will hopefully have moved on to something else before I have to explain myself to my kids.”

Sabrina, 25

Sabrina is somewhat of a rarity in that she seems to actually enjoy what she does and has no plans of stopping. A sugar baby since she was 20, Sabrina says: “I think being a sugar baby is great and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I realize that I can’t be a sugar baby forever, but I’m having so much fun now that I can’t even think of it coming to an end. The only thing I hope for is that I can find someone nice who will marry me and take care of me for the rest of my life!”

Sienna, 29

At 29, Sienna is a grand dame of the sugar dating scene, which is so often made up of young women in their early 20s. Even so, this blond and toned “veteran” could put much younger women to shame. With a youthful charm and glow of a woman seemingly in her late teens, Sienna is every bit as desirable now as she was when she first hooked up with a sugar daddy at age 21.

“I’m actually lucky in that I’ve managed to survive being a sugar baby for so long,” said Sienna. “Most women I know play the field for a couple of years and either give up in disillusionment or keep pining for the perfect relationship they will never have. As for myself, I am happy to say that I will be retiring from the sugar dating scene for good, as my sugar daddy just proposed to me!”

As you can see, sugar babies are a diverse and eclectic bunch. Hopefully, you will meet someone whose is equally worth knowing and spending the next stage of your life with.

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