A sugar dating relationship is a wonderful and rewarding experience that can provide you with considerable joy and satisfaction. Offering you the chance to hook up with a new and exciting young female, a sugar dating relationship could be just the thing to give you a new lease on life.

Unfortunately, the sugar dating world is rife with scams, scandals, and unsavory characters of all kinds. There are way too many horror stories of relationships gone wrong, sugar daddies abused, bank accounts emptied, and so much more. It also isn’t unheard of for an elderly sugar daddy to be victimized for an extended period of time by a professional con artist working alone or in conjunction with others.

Different ways you can get scammed

Scams can come in many different forms, from the blatant to the less obvious. Some sugar babies enter into a relationship with a clear goal of getting as much as they can out of the arrangement, whether it is in the form of cash or goods. They may agree on a fixed allowance at the start, only to demand more and more money as time goes on.

There are also sugar babies that just seem to have no end to the emergencies in their lives. From unpaid bills to sick relatives, all of these somehow seem to require you to provide more money than you initially agreed upon.

There are also instances wherein the gifts you give to your sugar baby mysteriously disappear, which could mean that they are sold off for money or gifted to someone else. Gifts are for your sugar baby to do with as she pleases of course, but having expensive items frequently disappear could be a sign that there is something shady going on.

More alarming are scams from professional con artists that could go on for long periods of time. Older gullible sugar daddies are often seen as easy prey by professional scammers, and it could be months or even years before signs of theft and fraud are detected. By then, it might be too late to do anything about it.

Seeing through the deception

In a perfect world, you would be able to spot scammers a mile away and therefore be able to avoid having them in your life entirely. But scammers are usually pretty cunning and deceptive, and there is usually no way of knowing that they are up to something until you have already been victimized.

This is where the vetting process comes in. Even before you welcome a sugar baby into your life, you should look carefully into her background and personality. This should come in stages, with each step of the sugar dating process resulting in you learning more and more about your potential sugar baby.

During the course of your getting to know each other, ask your sugar baby about her past with regard to other men that she has dated. Find out the reasons why the relationship ended and what the nature of their relationship was like. A relationship that ended in hostility could be a sign of wrongdoing on the part of the sugar daddy or the sugar baby (or both), and it could give you a clue as to what you could expect from a future relationship with that sugar baby.

Even if your initial investigation into your sugar baby comes up positive, it might be a good idea to do a Google search for her name plus the state where she lives in. This could reveal any criminal or civil suits that she was involved in, so you will know to steer clear of her.

Non-financial abuse

In some cases, abuse may not have anything to do with money, or they may involve a physical or emotional component. Just as destructive as monetary scams, this could manifest itself as controlling or emotionally or physically abusive behavior on the part of the sugar baby. Again, older sugar daddies are prone to these types of abusive scenarios, especially if they have given up a considerable degree of control to their sugar babies, either of their own free will or against their wishes.

Getting help

If you feel that you are a victim of an abusive relationship, get help right away. There is no reason why you should have to put up with someone who abuses you or takes advantage of you. Don’t feel embarrassed or feel ashamed of asking for help either. Men can be the victim of an abusive relationship just as easily as women, and you are well within your rights to ask for help when you need it. This is especially true if you are old and have mobility issues, in which case you need more assistance than any single sugar baby can provide, least of all an abusive one.

Protect yourself at all times

The most important thing that you should take away from all this is the need to keep yourself protected at all times. Don’t place yourself in a situation wherein you are totally dependent on your sugar baby. During the early days of the relationship, when your passion and lust are at an all-time high, it is tempting to trust in a complete stranger and have her assume control over many aspects of your life. This is about the worst thing you can do as a sugar daddy, even if your sugar baby is totally legit. At best, this will place you in a disadvantageous position in the relationship. At worst, this could be just the opening a professional scammer needs in order to empty out your bank account.

Keep a close watch on your finances as well. Under no circumstances should you share your credit card or bank account details with a sugar baby no matter how well you are getting along.

A sugar dating relationship could be a wonderful thing, provided that you end up with the right person. Keep your eyes open, keep a clear mind, and always make sure that you are acting on your best interests. This will ensure that any relationship you enter into will benefit you just as much as your sugar baby.

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