It’s a common misconception that only tall, skinny Barbie lookalikes are sugar baby material. No two sugar daddies are alike, so no two are going to have the same taste in women. Yes, some daddies really might prefer leggy Nordic blondes that are dead ringers for Charlize Theron, but others may well be more into Beyonce or Selena Gomez.

Still more would-be sugar daddies really prefer beautiful, curvy babies over their skinny counterparts, so don’t assume you’re not sugar bowl material just because there’s a little more of you to love. You’re exactly what more than a few sugar daddies are looking for, so don’t be afraid to dive right in. The following tips can help you get started on the right foot.

Dress for Your Body Type

Being a drop dead gorgeous sugar baby isn’t about being rail thin. The best sugar babies are comfortable in their own skins. They understand how to dress for their body types as well, however big or small it might be. Thick is the new beautiful if you know how to style it correctly.

  • Resist the urge to squeeze yourself into smaller sizes than you actually wear. Clothes look best when they fit properly, so always wear your actual sizes. Have clothes tailored to fit when it makes sense as well.
  • Don’t dress in oversized clothing in the hopes of hiding your size either. Choose styles that make you feel beautiful, compliment your build, and show off your best assets to perfection.
  • Dress in stylish, contemporary options that help you look like the polished, poised beauty you are.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

The best sugar babies can tell you that successful sugaring is all in how you carry yourself. As with traditional dating, confidence counts for a lot, so it’s officially time to start leveraging yours. Even would-be sugar daddies who are specifically looking for plus-sized beauties to love want to see evidence that you love yourself as much as they love the package you come in, so don’t be afraid to let it show.

Set your sugaring profile up so that it really shows you off in the best possible light. Let your confidence shine through in the way you describe yourself, your life, and what you’re hoping to get out of the sugaring experience. Your photos should absolutely ooze confidence as well. No need to go overboard. Just be yourself and let the amazing person you are shine through.

Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to other sugar babies you know. Even the prettiest, thinnest, smartest women sometimes feel like they’re not good enough. There’s always going to be someone who seems like she has more to offer than you do, so don’t fall into that trap. There’s only one you, and we assure you there’s a sugar daddy out there who will think you’re absolutely perfect just the way you are.

Be Up Front and Honest

So many plus-sized beauties make the mistake of trying to hide or downplay their size, but there’s no room for that in the sugar bowl. No one likes to feel like they were played or deliberately misled, but sugar daters are especially offended by it. Sugar relationships are all about leaving the games and dishonesty behind in favor of something refreshing, forthright, and real. Every baby has her unique qualities that sugar daddies are looking for!

That said, make sure your profile photos paint an honest picture of what you really look like, up to and including your size. Remember, the right daddy for you will think you’re a perfect ten just as you are. And do you really want to waste your time on anyone who wouldn’t? Honesty is always the best policy, but this is especially so when you’re interested in living the sugar life.

Go With the Flow

Even size zeroes aren’t everyone’s type. Good sugar babies know that no one is everyone’s type, so they don’t take it personally if a particular daddy just isn’t into them. They know it isn’t about them, and they understand that everyone’s allowed to have preferences. If you don’t hit it off with one sugar daddy, you very well might with the next, so don’t let one or two bad experiences sour you on the sugar bowl. Your sugar is right around the corner if you go after it with confidence.