Most of the time, life in the sugar bowl really is pretty darned sweet. However, even experienced sugar babies who are experts at choosing the right sugar daddies occasionally run into one that isn’t quite what she expected. The thing to remember is that negative sugar dating experiences can happen to anyone, but you shouldn’t let them damage your confidence.

If you’re new to sugar dating, you definitely shouldn’t assume that all sugar daddies are the same. You just need to know what to look out for in the future so you don’t waste your time. If you think you’re dealing with one of the following types of daddies, go with your gut and nix the idea of meeting up with him (or meeting up with him again if you already have).

  • The Misogynist

Considering the fact that we’re now two decades into the 21st century, you’d think pretty much every man would understand that misogynistic, woman-hating behavior is never OK. However, there are always those that think differently. You may be dealing with this type of daddy if his profile is packed with self-important, narcissistic statements that really take you aback or just plain rub you the wrong way. If you get the impression that he secretly doesn’t like or respect women, you’re probably right, so just steer clear.

  • The Offensive Jokester

We’ve all known someone like this at one point or another in our lives – someone who enjoys telling offensive jokes or making mean-spirited comments that are thinly disguised as humor. While anyone may occasionally tell a joke that just doesn’t land well, well-adjusted people apologize once they see they may have hurt someone’s feelings. Offensive jokester types give you the impression that they don’t really care, and if you call them out on their behavior, they complain about your lack of a sense of humor. Don’t put up with behavior like this, plain and simple. Run, don’t walk, in the other direction.

  • The Tantrum Thrower

This is perhaps the most common type of bad daddy a sugar baby might run into, so don’t be surprised if he seems familiar. You’re likely even familiar with guys that are like this from your pre-sugar bowl dating life online. He sends you a message to initiate contact. Maybe you even mean to respond to him at some point, but he’s so unoriginal as far as how he approached you, that you forget or put it off for a while. By the time you’ve gotten around to it, you realize you have ten more messages from the same guy, each more abusive than the last. Know that behavior like this is never acceptable or OK on any level.

  • The Misinformed Daddy

This is the type of daddy that makes you wonder why he’s even on a sugar dating site in the first place, because he doesn’t really seem to know what a sugar arrangement actually entails. Some misinformed sugar daddies mistakenly think sugar relationships are about sex and clearly expect to get it. Others just don’t understand what “mutually beneficial” means in any capacity. This type of daddy may even be married or otherwise engaged, but clearly looking for a sugar baby willing to be his dirty little secret. Although some sugar babies decide to try to educate the misinformed daddies they meet, it’s often an exercise in futility, so definitely think twice before wasting too much effort.

  • The “Something’s Just Not Right” Daddy

Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what’s rubbing you the wrong way about a potential sugar daddy. On paper, he seems great. He’s handsome, he’s clearly well-to-do, and he says all the right things. However, there’s just something about him that just doesn’t sit right with you – something that’s setting off alarm bells in your head. Although it’s commendable to want to give people a chance, you should never ignore your gut if it tells you something’s wrong. Instincts have a way of being correct, so don’t find out the hard way.

At the end of the day, there are far too many incredible sugar daddies out there to waste your time on the wrong ones. First make sure you’re a member of a class-act site like Secret Benefits that doesn’t tolerate members who abuse other members. Then hold out for someone special who deserves your time.