Making the jump to the sugar bowl once and for all when it comes to the dating game is a sweeter, simpler way to manage your love life on a lot of levels. However, even the best, most sought after sugar daters occasionally have an off day or an experience that’s less than encouraging.

The key is to master the fine art of keeping your confidence intact even when the going isn’t as smooth as it normally is. Confidence is far and away the most powerful asset any sugar dater has in their corner, so keep yours healthy, strong, and thriving no matter what. The following tips can help.

Solidify Your Identity

While it’s true that sugar dating is a much more honest approach to dating overall, it’s important not to confuse honesty with a lack of mystique. When you’re living life in the sugar bowl, the idea is to be yourself in a way that also allows you to put your best foot forward. New sugar daters in particular often don’t quite understand what this means and can have trouble attracting the matches they deserve as a result.

Who are you at your very best? What about you has always turned heads, attracted attention, and inspired other people to want to get to know you better? Are you a spirited go-getter with big dreams for your future? Are you a cuddly, big-hearted guy/girl next door type? Are you the adventurous firecracker who’s not afraid to try anything once? Zero in on the answers and tailor your sugaring profiles to match.

Reevaluate and Clarify Your Needs

It’s not uncommon for people who have been sugaring a long time to eventually reach a point where what used to keep them happy in an arrangement is really no longer cutting it. If you’ve been feeling like life in the sugar bowl isn’t what it used to be, you might be overdue for a reevaluation of what you’re looking to get out of the lifestyle in general.

The fact of the matter is sugar daters change and evolve as the years roll by to the same degree anyone else does. They may go from preferring open, no-strings-attached relationships to craving something more committed and exclusive. They may have been fine with keeping things on the downlow in the beginning, but now prefer living their lives completely out in the open.

It’s not only normal to want different things for your love life over time, but perfectly OK. You’re absolutely within your rights to decide you want something different out of the sugaring experience at any point in the game. Just make sure you’re open and honest with existing or potential partners about what you’re looking to achieve to the same degree you always have been.

Dealing With Haters

It’s an experience that pretty much every sugar dater winds up having sooner or later – dealing with sugar haters who have a lot to say about sugar dating despite not really knowing anything about it. Some haters are harder to deal with than others though. Maybe you just had to listen to your best friend go on a rant about sugar babies without realizing that you happen to be one yourself. Perhaps your family has been expressing suspicion about the intentions of an amazing sugar baby who’s truly the light of your life.

Whatever form this phenomenon takes for you, it’s important not to take it too personally. Some people tend to hate on things they don’t understand because they perceive those things as threats to their own value system. Others are coming at it from a place of jealousy and secretly wish they themselves had the courage to retool their dating life on a similar level. Still more people truly do mean well, but have no idea how to tactfully express their concerns.

At the end of the day, what matters most is your happiness. Sugar daters tend to be exceptional people who not only know they have more to offer than most, but who aren’t afraid to go after what they really want out of life. You didn’t get this far by letting petty, ignorant, or jealous people get you down, so don’t start now. Take the time to talk things through with the people who matter, but simply tune out all the rest. It won’t be long before you’ve totally got your groove back.