Whether you like meeting potential sugar daddies online or prefer doing things the old-fashioned way, figuring out who’s really worth the effort is a challenge for every sugar baby. After all, you can only tell but so much about a person from a dating profile or a couple of short conversations. Being a great sugar daddy isn’t just about being rich and successful either. Ultimately you want someone of good character who can be counted on to treat you like gold on every level. Here’s what to keep an eye out for to make sure you get exactly that.

He keeps his promises.

Stand-up guys that are truly worth a sugar baby’s time won’t ever be inconsistent. They don’t waste her time making plans only to break them at the last minute with absolutely zero notice or apology. They don’t have to be reminded or coaxed into keeping the promises they make either.

Good sugar daddies are men of their word. They move heaven and earth to do what they say they’re going to do. In the event something truly unforeseen comes up that makes a broken promise is inevitable, good sugar daddies make it up to people however they can. They don’t just keep the promises they make to their sugar babies either. They’re men of their word in every aspect of their lives.

He’s an excellent communicator.

While most sugar daddies are going to be quite a bit older than their sugar babies, they don’t let that get in the way of proper communication. In fact, they’re masters at communicating effectively with people of every age.

Steer clear of so-called sugar daddies who treat you or anyone else rudely. Good sugar daddies are respectful to everyone they deal with, including wait staff, employees, and strangers. They don’t let their wealth and status make them arrogant. They never let their sugar babies feel “less than” either. They’re kind, approachable, and benevolent in every way.

He’s generous and giving.

Again, it’s not enough for a potential sugar daddy to be rich, affluent, and well-to-do. Good sugar daddies are kind, giving, and generous as well. To them, a sugar baby is more than just a loving companion to spend some time with. She’s someone with whom he shares everything he has, his heart included.

Never waste your time on a sugar daddy who stingy with any of his resources, up to and including his quality time. A keeper treats you like you’re the best thing that ever happened to him all the time. He’s also often extra good to you for no real reason other than he wants to be.

He’s open and easygoing.

Even in a sugar dating situation, it’s vitally important that your significant other have a healthy, easygoing temperament. Don’t waste your time on potential sugar daddies who seem moody or get bent out of shape over every little thing (or worse, over nothing at all). Steer clear of anyone who overreacts to minor inconveniences (like a single cancelled date) as well, and never give your time to anyone who seems like he might have anger issues.

Truly great sugar daddies are reasonable, understanding, and easygoing overall. They don’t make you feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells ever, and they never make you feel like you’re in a situation where you can’t be honest, open, and unequivocally yourself in every way.

He’s a good friend.

At the end of the day, sugar relationships are more like traditional relationships than most people realize. Yes, there’s a lot of fun to be had when you’re the pride and joy of a man who’s wealthy and successful in spades, but that’s not all there is to it. Great sugar dating situations also come attached to a strong friendship-style connections.

That said, a good sugar daddy is also a good friend and overall companion to his sugar baby. He’s someone she genuinely enjoys talking to and spending time with. He’s a man of good character that she’s pleased and proud to be connected to in every way as well. Most importantly of all, he’s someone who inspires her to be just as good a friend to him in return. Does your potential sugar daddy make the grade?

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