It’s a common misconception that sugar babies are the only ones in an arrangement that sometimes need a little guidance. Lots of sugar daddies, especially those that are brand new to sugar dating, experience a little bit of a learning curve as well. That said, you naturally want to keep the special baby in your life as happy as can be now that you’ve finally found her. Here’s how you can do exactly that.

Keep Your Word

A man’s word is important when it comes to most situations in life, but it’s especially important when it comes to love, romance, and dating in the sugar bowl. Good sugar relationships are built on trust, and your sugar baby needs to know that she can count on you to take care of her no matter what. That said, always keep your promises and never break your word. Show up to meetings when you say you will. If you tell her you’ll help her with something specific, do it just as you told her you would. Don’t wait to be asked, reminded, or nudged.

Be Honest

If trust is one of the two must-haves that characterize healthy sugar relationships, honesty is without a doubt the other. Your sugar baby is with you because she’s tired of the games, lies, and disappointment that plague so many traditional relationships. The last thing she wants is a sugar daddy who lies to her or plays with her head the way so many other guys before you have no doubt done. That said, don’t lie, even if you’re worried that the truth will be hurtful. The truth has a way of coming out anyway, and it’s always better if your partner hears it from you.

Keep the Past in the Past

When you’re really into someone, it’s hard not to wonder (or worry) about their past. Unless she’s new to sugar dating as well, your sugar baby will no doubt have a history with other daddies to one extent or another. Avoid the temptation to ask about it or to pry into her personal life outside of your relationships to too great an extent. Definitely don’t shame her about anything she might have done with other people in the past. At the end of the day, the past belongs in the past. Plus, good sugar babies don’t want or tolerate clinginess in their daddies. They want partners who respect boundaries.

Be There for Her

It probably goes without saying that your sugar baby is like a tonic to your soul. She’s always there for you, always patient and loving. She listens to you without prejudice and has a way of putting your mind and heart at ease no matter what else might be going on in your life at a given time. Make sure you’re returning the favor in kind. Be a good friend to your sugar baby. Listen to what she has to say, help her with her problems when you can (or if she wants you to), and let her benefit from your wisdom and experience. Good sugar daddies make their babies feel safe, protected, and loved – emotionally and mentally, as well as physically and financially.

Help Her Be Her Best

Sugar relationships are just like traditional relationships in that the two people involved ideally bring out the very best in each other. As the daddy in the relationship, part of your role in your baby’s life is to help her blossom as a person. Encourage her to be independent, to speak her mind, and to pursue her dreams. Has she always wanted to pursue a certain career, earn a degree, or hone her expertise in regards to a particular passion? Do what you can to help her make that happen, whether that means helping her put herself through school or simply being a great source of support when she needs one.

Being a great sugar daddy is easier than you think. It’s largely about being a stand-up guy who values integrity, commitment, unconditional support, and unconditional love. Make sure your sugar baby can count on you for those things and she’s sure to be happy with you for many years to come.