When considering the qualities that make for an ideal sugar baby, most men would probably focus primarily on the physical aspects. A pretty face, a great figure…these are typically the first things that come to mind when men consider the relative merits of a sugar baby.

Now, we’re just as shallow and superficial as the next guy, and we certainly admire and appreciate those qualities as well. But at the risk of coming across as ‘holier-than-thou’, we would have to say that those aren’t the only qualities that make for an ideal partner. Even given the nature of the sugar dating relationship that tends to focus on the physical attributes of the women, we would like to think that there is more to the feasibility of the sugar baby than that.

So what does make a sugar baby appeal to a sugar daddy? What are qualities that make a particular sugar baby stand out apart from her looks. Here’s what we picked up from a number of sugar daddies that we interviewed.


Perhaps one of the most valued qualities that a sugar baby can display as far as her sugar daddy is concerned is attentiveness. Let’s face it: many sugar daddies are self-centered and just a little bit needy (why else would so many of them want a pretty young woman by their side?) and providing them with attention is often part of the deal.

Sugar babies are typically expected to hang on their sugar daddies’ every word and to serve as the perfect social companion. If you can manage to retain your own independent personality while providing your sugar daddy with the attention that he desires, you might just have a long and rewarding future ahead of you.

Charm and personality

Few relationships exist in a vacuum, and this goes for sugar dating relationships as well. There is a good chance that your relationship with your sugar daddy will involve a considerable degree of social interaction, which means that you will be meeting other people as well. Naturally, you will be expected to play the role of perfect social companion to a ‘tee’. It would therefore be to your advantage to have some sort of personality and to have the ability to turn on the charm when needed.

What if you are the wilting wallflower type and you simply don’t feel at ease in front of many people? If your sugar daddy is the type that thrives in social settings, you will just have to suck it up and get used to it. In such a case, it would be to your benefit to quickly learn the necessary social skills.

Genuine affection

More than playing the role of courtesan or escort, you will also have to show your partner some affection. Not the false affection and the overblown displays of closeness that bimbos typically exhibit in public either. Unless your sugar daddy doesn’t care one bit for you as a person, he will likely expect you to at least treat him with some measure of warmth and affection.

Of course, there are some things you can’t fake, and it would be intolerable to have to pretend to like someone you can’t stand. This is where vetting your prospects comes in–or should have come in, rather. Ideally, you would have already gotten to know your sugar daddy quite well prior to having to interact with him on a regular basis. This would have ensured some measure of compatibility, enabling you to display genuine affection toward each other.

Honesty and trustworthiness

As desirable as all those other qualities are, honesty and trustworthiness probably trump them all. Ask any sugar daddy around, and he will likely mention the importance of having a sugar baby he can trust.

Trustworthiness can manifest itself in many different ways. In order to illustrate how a sugar baby can be said to be trustworthy, it might be helpful to mention what she will not do to betray her sugar daddy’s trust.

Honest sugar babies will not misrepresent herself or pretend she is someone other than who she really is. She will not use a false name or live under false pretenses in order to take advantage of her sugar daddy or to conceal some significant aspect of herself from him.

Honest sugar babies will also let her sugar daddy know if the arrangement is no longer working for her and if she wants to move on. In this way, she and her sugar daddy can opt to end the relationship instead of continuing on to the detriment of one or both partners.

Honest and trustworthiness are so often intrinsically tied in with a person’s character and integrity. For someone who is a good person at heart, these qualities will just naturally show without the person having to work at it. In contrast, someone with a less meritorious nature might struggle with being honest and forthright.


Although sugar dating relationships essentially involve some degree of dependency, many sugar daddies actually appreciate having a sugar baby that has a healthy measure of independence. No one wants to have someone demanding and needy hanging around all the time. Having a sugar baby that can take care of herself is therefore often seen as an attractive quality by sugar daddies, even though they continue to expect their sugar babies to depend on them for financial support.


In the course of researching this article, one of the more interesting things we discovered is that many sugar daddies actually like sugar baby that have some ambition. Someone who is prepared to live out the rest of her life as a sugar baby might be appealing to some, but a surprising number of the sugar daddies we interviewed actually hoped that their sugar babies would move on to something else later on.

This perhaps explains why so many sugar daddies are so supportive of their sugar baby’s endeavors. As much as men get out of their relationships, it seems that many sugar daddies–at least those that we interviewed–do feel some sense of responsibility to their sugar babies.

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