Most men that are considering becoming sugar daddies think that having a big fat bankroll is the only requirement. After all, what else is really needed apart from having the ability to pay your sugar baby’s rent and provide for her occasional whims? The fact is that being a good sugar daddy involves a bit more than that basic requirement. If you are entering into a sugar dating relationship with the idea that money is the sole requirement, you are in for a rude awakening.

To be sure, there was a time when being a sugar daddy simply involved being able to pay for your sugar baby’s presence. Traditionally, sugar daddies did little more than pay for their partner’s rent, maybe buy them a car, and take them on the occasional shopping spree and night out on the town.

But times have changed, and few sugar babies would be satisfied with such a shallow and superficial arrangement. Today’s modern breed of sugar baby won’t be satisfied with simply being regarded as a trophy brought out for display during social functions. Instead, sugar babies typically require their sugar daddies to treat them in a way befitting an equal partner in the relationship.

If you now find yourself in this strange new world and are a bit bewildered as to how you should treat your sugar baby, this article may prove insightful. At the very least, it may help bring you closer to the ideal of the ‘perfect’ sugar daddy, which definitely won’t hurt your image with the women!


The single most important quality that sugar babies expect from their sugar daddies is reliability. Regardless of the modern nature of the contemporary sugar dating relationship, most sugar babies still expect their sugar daddies to perform the fundamental role of financial provider. In order to make the grade as an A-list sugar daddy, you will still have to conform to this role.

What does the role of financial provider entail? Apart from paying your sugar baby’s rent, buying her a car, and taking her shopping, you may be expected to provide her with an allowance, and to pay miscellaneous day-to-day expenses. You may also have to support her in her chosen endeavors, whether they involve further education or starting up a career.


This is where the other non-financial aspects come in. You can’t simply expect to maintain the interest of your sugar baby if you are a stodgy old codger with nothing more to bring to the table than your checkbook or credit card. You don’t necessarily have to be a flamboyant and swashbuckling character that sweeps her off her feet at every turn, but you do have to display some measure of character.

Character is a tricky thing. Some people just naturally develop it over the course of living their lives. Other people have to exert some effort in developing it. Others aren’t quite so lucky, and they may never develop any semblance of character at all. No matter which category you find yourself in, you would do well to exhibit some sort of personality in order to maintain the interest of your sugar baby.


All relationships involve some degree of emotional give and take, and this so often involves attentiveness. It might seem like some old-fashioned, terribly non-PC generalization, but the inescapable truth is that many women thrive on attention, and you will have to provide it if you hope to be a part of a mutually satisfactory relationship.

Attention can come in many forms. It may be as simple as remembering her birthday and other special occasions, or as seemingly inconsequential as bringing her flowers on a date. It may also be as involved as being available as a shoulder to cry on or a sounding board for her various concerns. Whatever it takes, you will have to play the part of attentive partner if you want to join the roster of “sugar daddies to emulate”.


Don’t believe everything you hear about bad boys. As much as many women prefer them–or claim to prefer them–at the end of the day, a kind and gentle nature always wins out. Despite their claims to the contrary, many women actually appreciate being treated with kindness and consideration. Sure they may be turned on by rough displays of machismo and braggadocio, but when it comes down to it, it is always the good guy that they will cozy up with at home. Who said that nice guys always finish last?


One of the things that many sugar daddies are guilty of is treating their sugar babies as a sort of emotional doormat or a sexual plaything. In years past, this may have been commonly accepted behavior in the sugar dating world, but that isn’t the case any longer. Nowadays, women expected to be treated as a co-equal part of the relationship, with consideration given to their goals and ambitions. Sugar daddies are therefore expected to be supportive and encouraging as well.

Support itself can come in many forms and may be exhibited in different ways. Financial support is the most obvious way by which sugar daddies can show their sugar babies that they are behind their endeavors. You may for example, help pay for her way through business college or lend her the startup capital for a new business. This type of support shows a level of care and concern that goes well beyond the short-term.


Speaking of concern, this is another area wherein most sugar daddies fall short, which means that this is one area where you can score some major points.

When showing concern to your sugar baby, you need to go beyond the superficial displays of asking her about her day-to-day and actually take an interest in her continued and long-term well-being. Making sure that the arrangement is continuing to work for your sugar baby will communicate to her that your regard for her is more than that of a solely sexual partner. If you can effectively communicate genuine concern to your sugar baby, your relationship can only become stronger as a result.

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