It’s something that happens a lot with sugar relationships. You start out just looking to have fun and enjoy some amazing companionship on a casual basis, but before you know it, things have changed. Suddenly you both only have eyes for each other, and you can’t imagine the future without one another. On the one hand, that’s an incredible thing to have found and you should be very excited, but it’s important to know how to proceed as well. Ultimately, it’s up to every sugar couple to decide for themselves how to make sure their future is a bright one, but considering the following is an absolute must as well.

Talking About Deal Breakers

Not everyone has deal breakers, but if you and your sugar partner do, this is the time to have a serious conversation about them. You’ll need to make sure you agree on all the standard issues. Do you both feel the same way about marriage? What about kids? Does one of you really want them while the other detests the idea of becoming a parent? Do you agree on what your life together should look like once the two of you become a bona fide couple? If you can’t come to an agreement that feels good to both people, it may be best not to take that next step until you can.

Merging Your Circles

When things get serious, your respective families and social circles will eventually mingle. For some sugar couples, this isn’t a big deal at all and is something that happens with ease. In other cases, things are a little more difficult. Even now when people are more open-minded than ever, there are still those that have their judgments about sugar relationships and the types of people who prefer them. Family members in particular can be protective of their loved ones and curious about a sugar partner’s true intentions.

Hopefully, you both are surrounded by friends and loved ones who truly wish for your ultimate happiness. If that’s the case, it’s possible to win your would-be extended family over with kindness, so definitely give it the old college try. If either of you feel anyone in particular might be a particularly tough nut to crack, consider giving your partner a heads up and having a frank talk alone with the loved one in question in private first.

Deciding What to Tell People

It’s a question that every couple hears from other people sooner or later. “So how did the two of you meet?” Of course, answering this question is no big deal when you met in line at the local coffee shop or got into the same elevator one day at work. However, people in sugar relationships don’t always know how to answer. On the one hand, you’re hardly ashamed of the wonderful relationship you’ve found, and you don’t want to lie about it. On the other hand though, is it really any of anyone else’s business?

First of all, it isn’t any of anyone’s business, so it’s completely up to you two what you tell people. If you want to tell people where and how you met or ultimately fell in love, that’s totally commendable, but there’s no shame in coming up with an official story you’d rather tell people instead. What matters is that you both agree and feel equally good about your decision.

Discussing Age

When an already wonderful sugar relationship blossoms into true love, it goes without saying that the two of you know age is nothing but a number. It will come up a lot once you’re officially together though, so put your heads together and decide how you’ll address it when it does, especially if there’s a chance either (or both) of your families don’t know the real age of your sugar partner. Again, it’s really no one’s business but yours, so it’s up to you both how honest you want to be. Sooner or later though, it’s a good idea to simply come out with it. Just keep the lines of communication open between the two of you so that you’re on the same page at all times.

At the end of the day, taking a sugar relationship to the next level is a lot like doing the same in any other relationship. You just need to consider and plan for some of the more unique challenges that come with the territory.