Becoming a sugar daddy could be one of the most challenging things you will put yourself through. But many people have done it successfully, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do so as well. Here are some tips on how to enjoy yourself in a sugar dating relationship.

Step 1: Figure out your needs and wants

What do You Want in a Sugar BabyThe first and possibly most important step is to figure out what you need out of a sugar dating relationship. This will help you determine what your next moves will be and how you will improve your chances of having a successful relationship. Although the initial instinct of most sugar daddies is to jump headlong into the dating circuit, taking the time to figure out your needs and wants will enable you to avoid potentially disastrous mistakes later on.

Some of the most crucial factors to consider are your needs with regard to affection, companionship, emotional connection, and sex. Don’t simply assume that your sugar baby will have the same ideas as you do. Remember that every sugar baby is different, and you will have to make allowances for each one’s personality. If you enter into the relationship with a clear picture of your wants and needs, you will have a much better chance of finding a sugar baby that can accommodate them.

Step 2: Sign up at a sugar dating site

At some point, you will want to sign up at a sugar dating website. There are many other ways by which you could meet a sugar baby of course, but a sugar dating website will help you cut the time and effort it will take to sort through the available prospects. Even if you have a bustling singles scene in your community, it is still well worth taking the time to sign up at a good sugar dating website just for the increased number of options that such sites will provide to you.

Of course, you will want to make sure that the site you select has a good reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Not all sugar dating websites are created equal, and for every quality site out there, there are many more than you would do well to steer clear of entirely.

Take some time to put together a good profile. Keep it short but descriptive and stick to your strong points. Also make sure to upload a recent photo that shows you off in a good way.

Step 3: Get organized

After you sign up at a sugar dating websites, you will probably have a number of options to pore through, one of whom may turn out to be your ideal match. You definitely won’t want to miss out on your chance for a perfect relationship by neglecting to follow up on your best prospect, so it pays to get organized.

Organization can be as simple as a list–either written or typed out and saved on your phone or computer–or it can be a detailed database in an Excel file. Which method you go for will depend on the number of prospects you have and your need to keep them organized and well sorted.

Don’t neglect the importance of being as detailed as possible. Some of the information that you can include are age, location, interests, and any special characteristics that may make or break a particular sugar baby.

Step 4: Establish connections

From the list of prospects that you have put together in the previous step, you could hopefully come up with a short list of the most feasible candidates. The next step at this point would be to put yourself out there and actually establish connections.

Your initial attempts at contact don’t have to be all that fancy or committal. You can simply send a direct message to the sugar babies that you like the best and signify your interest to get to know her better. If you get a favorable response, you can keep the flow of communication going until you are both comfortable enough to meet face-to-face.

Don’t give up right away if things don’t go as hot as you have expected. Not every relationship starts off with fireworks, and it may take some time before you are able to get comfortable with each other. Just keep being on your best behavior and let her know that you are interested without being too pushy. In time, your efforts are bound to pay off.

Step 5: Make your first move

Now comes the point where you narrow your options down even further and actually connect personally with the sugar baby of your choice. At this time, you will ideally have only two to three sugar babies to choose from, certainly no more than four. Based on the chat and phone calls you have exchanged up until this point, you should already have a good idea as to which sugar babies are worth pursuing.

You don’t actually have to meet in person just yet. The advent of video communications means that you can see each other and interact almost as if you are in the same room together, with some notable advantages. Remote communication enables you to get a feel of your rapport without having to go through the pressure and awkwardness of a face-to-face contact. If you feel things aren’t working out between you, it is a much simpler matter then to avoid further contact.

Step 6: Get to know your sugar baby

If it seems that the focus is almost always on getting to know your sugar baby, it is because this is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in any sugar dating relationship. You simply can’t enter into a relationship with s total stranger without having a good idea of what she is like as a person. It is way too easy to neglect danger signs and negative signals in the flush of a budding new relationship, and there is likely to be something you will miss at first glance.

Finding out as much as you can about your sugar baby can be a bit tricky. It will require considerable subtlety, stealth, and even a bit of deviousness on your part if you are to know everything there is to know about your chosen prospect. The objective here isn’t to stalk your sugar baby, but rather to ensure that she is who she says she is.

Step 7: Turning away less favorable prospects

One thing that you may have neglected to address up until this point is how to deal with the prospects that you would rather discard. Even if you are certain that you have already found your ideal sugar baby, don’t just toss the others aside unceremoniously. That really isn’t any way for a gentleman to act, and you will likely regret having made the decision to act so boorishly.

Always make sure to respect the feelings of your rejected prospects. More likely than not, they failed to make the cut not because of their own failure or inadequacy, but rather because you found someone that you simply like better or get along better with. If you do have to stop seeing someone, communicate your decision in a courteous and gracious manner. Even of the news is received badly by some spurned sugar baby, you will at least be reassured with the knowledge that you acted like a proper gentleman.

Step 8: Setting up your first meeting

The first meeting is always the most nerve-wracking event in any sugar daddy’s life. This is when you will come face-to-face with the object of your affection and desire for the past several weeks or longer, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling a little jittery.

It might be best to set your first meeting somewhere casual and not too romantic. You don’t necessarily want to meet at a roller skating rink or a mall, but a more casual venue might help to put you both at ease and eliminate some of the pressure you may both be feeling. A more casual setting will also give you a sort of ‘breather’ in that there will be less pressure to act as if you are on your first official date.

What you should focus in is finding out how well you and your sugar baby ‘click’. Do you get along well together in person? Do you enjoy each other’s company and look forward to seeing each other again? If so, you may be in the cusp of a successful new relationship.

Step 9: Making the relationship official

After a few more dates–perhaps in more intimate and romantic settings–it may be time to make the relationship official. This is when you will both agree to be a sugar dating couple together, along with all the responsibilities that come with such a partnership.

Of course, you should have ideally already discussed the terms of your relationship and what the roles of each partner are. As a sugar daddy, you should know how much financial support you are expected to provide. You should also find out what your sugar baby is willing to commit to in terms of availability, presence, companionship, and so on. If you both agree to the terms that you have laid out, there is little left to do but make the relationship official.

Step 10: Ensuring a lasting relationship

Being in a relationship, your responsibilities don’t end there. You will both also have to work on ensuring harmony and peace in the relationship, and to preserve the affection that you both feel for each other. Remember that any relationship will need care and attention in order to flourish, and it will require sustained effort from both partners.