Becoming a Sugar Daddy sounds easy in theory, but that’s really not the case. Knowing what type of Sugar Daddy you are and having a profile on several sugar dating websites will definitely help you find potential Sugar Babies, but that’s not all there is to it. Once you find potential Sugar Babies, you still have to try and establish a relationship with them and eventually go on dates with them to see if they’re perfect for you. You want this to be as seamless as possible so it will work out. For this reason, it is highly important that you hone your organizational skills. Keeping organized is the only way you can make this whole thing work without a glitch.

Benefits of Being Organized

So why do you need good organizational skills if you want to become a successful Sugar Daddy? The answer is simple: You’re going to be talking to not just one, but multiple Sugar Babies, and one careless mistake could mean the end before your relationship even gets a chance to begin. You wouldn’t wanna call them by the wrong name, would you? And you certainly wouldn’t wanna reference something that was mentioned in a totally different conversation with a totally different Sugar Baby. If you make such a mistake, the Sugar Baby will most likely think you’re not being serious and will therefore stop communicating with you. Having a system will prevent you from doing such mistakes, and thus help you find a Sugar Baby more easily. It will also save you a lot of time as well as save you from embarrassment as a result of calling them by the wrong name or referencing the wrong facts.

But those aren’t the only benefits to this. When you have a list of useful information about your potential Sugar Babies, it will be very easy to compare them with one another and see which one is perfect for you in all aspects. This also goes the opposite way—it will help you weed out the bad ones and those who are just playing around or not really serious about establishing an arrangement with you. You have to remember that not all the girls you meet on sugar daddy websites are looking for a Sugar Daddy. Some of them are only looking for potential escort clients. The others are probably just looking to scam senile, old men or desperate men.

Organizing the Sugar Babies’ Information

Doing this doesn’t matter as much if you’re only talking to one potential Sugar Baby, but if there’s a lot of them, then it’s best that you list and organize all their information as neatly and as soon as possible. It’s highly recommended that you use a note-taking app or program, although you could also keep a journal instead if you’d prefer to do it the traditional way.

If you think writing down information with a pen is too tedious for you, then definitely try Evernote or a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or Google Sheets. There are tutorials you can find online if you haven’t used any of these before.

Once you’ve figured out what method you wanna use for listing down your Sugar Babies’ information, it’s time to actually put in their respective information. You can start by entering each of their sugar daddy website username first and the website they’re using, followed by their real name or nickname, their age, location, physical features, personality, hobbies and interests. Later on, once you’ve gone on dates with them, update your list by adding important notes about the date, especially how they went.

Organizing Your Dates

Keeping organized doesn’t end with organizing your potential Sugar Babies’ information. You also have to be organized when it comes to scheduling your dates. You’re most likely going to be meeting with a lot of them before you find the one (or two) that you like most. The problem is, you probably don’t have that much time to spend on going on dates. If you’re one of those people who only get one free day a week, you might want to schedule your dates on the same day and just schedule each one for different times of the day. To make sure you don’t miss any of your dates, install a calendar app on your phone. Every time you schedule a date with someone, log it into your app right away, including their name, the time, date and venue.

Color-Coding System

Sometimes, after already scheduling a date with someone, you’ll meet another girl who’s more promising than the one you’re already scheduled to meet. She may be more attractive and more interesting, and so you’d like to prioritize her first. But rescheduling everything will be hard if you don’t have a system for this, so we’ll teach you a trick—employ a color-coding scheme. For example, you can schedule a date under a green label if you have already talked about specifics regarding your arrangement but haven’t gone too deep yet. If it’s just going to be a general date and you haven’t discussed any specifics yet, you can schedule the date under a purple label. Conversely, if all the details have already been discussed and clarified, you can use the red label. Having this color-coded system will tell you what dates you have scheduled and for when. When you meet someone amazing, you can just reschedule your purple-labeled dates so you can go on a date with this amazing woman instead.

After scheduling a date, it’s important that you still send her a message a day before the date that you would be happy to see her tomorrow. This will lessen your odds of being stood up as the Sugar Baby will have a chance to confirm or reschedule your date. On top of that, sending her a message before your date will make her feel that she’s somewhat important and that you’re thinking of her.

Update Their Information

After you go on dates with potential Sugar Babies, make sure to remember to update their information. You could add things about them that you’ve recently learned that you either like or dislike. Additionally, you have to review their information from time to time because these things may change without warning.

This is all probably too much to take in right now, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. You may even find a better system that will work for you. Just take note that even if you’re seeing multiple Sugar Babies, it’s still vital that you make each one feel that she’s the only one you’re interested in so she’ll be more interested in you.