As with any other types of dating or relationship, in the world of sugar dating it’s common to be initially interested in someone only to lose your interest in that person later on. Before you meet the Sugar Baby that’s perfect for you, expect to meet a lot of Sugar Babies that you may have to reject along the way. Rejecting isn’t easy unless you’re a cold, heartless person who’s done it many times. But you need to focus on your happiness and you can’t just not reject a Sugar Baby just because you feel bad. You don’t have to settle for anything less than what you want. Note that you won’t only be investing your time but your money as well, so it’s okay to be picky and only choose the one you truly desire.

Reasons for Rejecting Sugar Babies

The reasons for wanting to reject a Sugar Baby will differ from one Sugar Daddy to another, but usually even one reason alone is enough to go through with it. Sometimes, Sugar Daddies will not have any reasons to reject someone simply because they don’t realize the disadvantages of keeping the Sugar Baby yet. Here, we will lay out a number of different factors that could change your initial feelings about a potential Sugar Baby.

Personal preferences. Even if you meet someone amazing and initially feel that she is the one for you, this could still change in the future. As you get to know her, you’ll learn about her quirks and little things that you may find off-putting. Maybe your personalities simply don’t mesh or maybe she just has a bad personality. Maybe you prefer someone you can have an intellectual conversation with and she’s just not the type you can do that with. If you don’t like her 100%, there’s no need to accommodate her. It’s better to put a stop to it immediately so you can spend your time on more important things like finding a more suitable Sugar Baby.

Schedule and location. If you do like the potential Sugar Baby 100%, then that’s great, but it doesn’t mean it will completely work out. For example, if your schedules aren’t compatible then communicating and meeting up could be difficult. It’s just not worth it at all if you can barely talk or see each other. Sometimes, it’s not the schedule that’s inherently the problem, but the location. If she lives five hours away, it’s going to be bothersome to drive five hours just to see her for just an hour. And even if you do have the money to fly her to where you are, eventually the costs will add up and it can get pretty expensive. Again, not worth it, especially if you can find someone just as great who lives a lot closer to you.

Dishonest, sketchy or scammer Sugar Babies. Catching the Sugar Baby lying a bunch of times is enough reason to end your relationship with her. You don’t want to keep someone who lies to you and easily betrays your trust. Plus, they could just be waiting for the right moment to steal all your money and run. Be extra wary of sweet talkers. Usually, when someone is a sweet talker it’s because they had to learn it so they could use it to trick kind, unsuspecting Sugar Daddies. If you feel that something is off about a Sugar Baby, just trust your intuition and cease all communication with her immediately.

Properly Rejecting a Sugar Baby

No one wants to get rejected, so it’s important to know how to properly reject someone so they don’t take it too hard. Girls, especially, have a hard time dealing with rejection. Some get overly dramatic about it and some may not understand why they’re being rejected and so they make a fuss about it. It’s even worse when the Sugar Baby has a lot of pride and confidence in her beauty and all the other things she has to offer. To make it easier for you, we’re providing a few tips on properly rejecting the disqualified Sugar Babies:

Honesty is key. They say that the truth hurts, but they also say that the truth will set you free. If you straight up told the Sugar Baby why you’re rejecting them, it could hurt a lot, but it’s better for both of you because you wouldn’t have to deal with a dirty conscience and she could maybe learn from this and improve as a person. Don’t bother beating around the bush; she’ll find out and it’s just going to make it a lot harder for her to accept the rejection. Just remember that honest doesn’t mean rude. You can be honest without saying anything mean. Find a good balance between being blunt and being polite and considerate of her feelings.

Do it ASAP. Whatever concerns you may have with your Sugar Baby, discuss it with her right away. If you can’t reach a compromise or if you’re not interested in compromising, just end the relationship immediately. Don’t drag it on and lead her on. You’re just going to waste both of your time. The longer you drag it on, the more feelings she’ll invest in the relationship and the more painful the rejection will be for her.

Cease all communication. After rejecting the Sugar Baby, she may still attempt to get you back. She may still try to talk to you and get you to meet her. If this happens, it’s best not to respond to her even if you just want to be nice and polite. Since you’ve already made your decision to end the relationship, it’s pointless to keep talking to her. It’s just going to get her hopes up, which isn’t a very nice thing to do. To make it easier for you not to want to respond, just immediately delete her messages the moment you get them so you can’t read them. If she becomes too persistent, just block her profile or her number. Eventually she will give up and move on to another relationship.

Report her if necessary. If the Sugar Baby isn’t showing signs of giving up or if she’s threatening you or trying to harm you in any way, report her right away to the administrators of the sugar daddy website so they can take action for you. And if you believe it’s not enough and that you’re now in imminent danger, report her to the cops and maybe file a restraining order against her. Keep records of her harassment so you can use it as evidence.