The path to finding your ideal Sugar Baby and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with her is long and bumpy, but you’ll see that everything is worth it in the end, from signing up on multiple sugar daddy websites and talking to so many potential Sugar Babies to going on several dates with the ones you’re interested in. When you finally find the one, the next step is to create an official agreement that will benefit both parties in the ways you both desire. An official arrangement is important as this will be the basis of your relationship. It will ensure that both parties get what they want, which will then translate to a happier, longer and more successful relationship.

As you and the Sugar Baby have already gone on several dates, you should already know the most important things about each other, especially the things you’re expecting from this arrangement, so it shouldn’t be hard to finalize the agreement. Just make sure to actually listen to what she wants instead of automatically assuming it. If you show that you care about her happiness, she, too, will care about yours.

The Sugar Daddy’s Part

For the arrangement to work, both you and the Sugar Baby should play your part in the relationship. As the Sugar Daddy, it’s your job to make sure that the Sugar Baby’s financial needs are met. Always remember that Sugar Babies are looking for this kind of arrangement for financial reasons, so if you can’t fulfill your financial obligations, the relationship is going to fall apart fast. Before you even sit down and finalize your arrangement, figure out all the things you want from the arrangement as well as what you’re willing to offer. Even though it’s not really necessary and this is a gray area, you may want to talk to your lawyer about the risks. Relationships don’t last forever so you want to make sure you’re protected in case this arrangement ends.

Apart from offering your Sugar Baby financially support, you could also decide to be her mentor in a business of her choosing. This basically means funding her chosen business or being a partner—whatever works for you. If you do decide to do this, you will need to have an actual business contract that’s separate from your official sugar dating arrangement. Make sure to state your role in the business as well as your contribution and liability, again, to ensure your protection in case things don’t work out between the two of you.

Making Your Relationship Official

The Sugar Baby’s Part

As previously stated, the Sugar Baby will also have to do her part for the arrangement to work. She needs to give her word that she can and will fulfill all the things you require of her, whatever they are. Of course, if there is anything she thinks she cannot offer, it’s best to meet her halfway and settle for a compromise. It’s good that you know what you want and you’re determined to get it, but this arrangement is not just about you but the Sugar Baby, too.

While the majority of this type of arrangement involves sex, it’s not necessary that you do it, especially if it’s not even what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re too old or just more interested in the companionship of a younger, attractive girl. If this is the case, she’ll be more than happy to offer her companionship, but if you want more than just her companionship, she should be able to provide this as she already knows from the start that this kind of arrangement will most likely include physical intimacy.

Another thing that you have to consider before you finalize your arrangement is whether you want a casual relationship. If you choose to have a casual relationship with her, then you shouldn’t care if she has any other man in her life outside of your arrangement. If you are not okay with this, let her know early on so she has time to decide whether this is fine with her.

Formalizing the Agreement

In the past, sugar dating arrangements were mostly based on mutual, verbal understanding. But time has changed and you can no longer completely trust anyone based on their word alone. Now, you have to formalize the relationship on paper and clearly state the role of both you and the Sugar Baby. In the written agreement, include both parties’ expectations and offerings as well as other important things like when, where and how to meet. A written agreement will not only make the relationship stronger but will also help in settling conflicts if any arises in the future. For example, if you ask her to do something that’s already been stated in the document and she says no, you can always show her the agreement so she’s reminded of what she has agreed to.

There are many things you should clearly state in your written arrangement. We will give you some of them, but make sure you think about other things that are not on the list:

The amount of money you are willing to give and whether it will be in the form of gifts or a monthly allowance

Whether you will pay for some of her bills like rent or mortgage, tuition, phone bills, etc.

Your methods of communication

The places you will be meeting and modes of transportation

Whether your relationship has to be discreet

Whether she has to go on trips with you and how much advanced notice is needed for this

Whether she has to attend social events with you and if you will be paying for her attire, accessories and transportation

Whether there is physical intimacy involved and if either party has to use some form of birth control

It is not unusual to have a disagreement while finalizing your written agreement. However, if the Sugar Baby is demanding too much and is unreasonable with her demands, treat it as a red flag. Even if you have the means to meet her demands, her attitude will be a problem one day, so make sure you get to know the Sugar Baby before making the arrangement official.