There are tons of sugar dating websites on the Internet nowadays, and the number just keeps increasing. Note, however, that they’re not all the same in terms of reliability. Only a few of them are of top-notch quality, so you have to put in the extra time to determine which ones will work for you. Finding a comprehensive list won’t be hard though, as you can easily just type “sugar dating website”, “sugar daddy website”, “sugar baby website” or any other relevant keyword into your browser’s search bar and hit enter to get thousands and thousands of results. Of course, it’s going to be quite overwhelming to choose which ones you’re gonna use, but don’t worry, this can be made easier by reading reviews. Make sure that you actually do this before signing up, because there are plenty of illegitimate and scam sugar dating sites out there.

To start, compile a list of five to ten sugar dating websites and explore them one by one so you can compare and contrast their benefits and disadvantages. You don’t have to be a member of these sites yet to get useful information about them—just scour the Internet for reviews; they will usually tell you what the good, the bad and the ugly are.

How Sugar Dating Sites Work

Majority of sugar daddy websites provide a 100% free membership to Sugar Babies, but it’s not the same for Sugar Daddies. Most, if not all websites, require Sugar Daddies to have a paid subscription. This is how the sites usually make their money. They can get away with it because in the first place, Sugar Daddies are expected to be rich. If they don’t have any money, they have no business finding a Sugar Baby because that’s generally the reason Sugar Babies choose this kind of lifestyle. But this setup is also beneficial to you. Since the Sugar Babies don’t need to pay for anything, they will gladly sign up on the site, which means there should be a lot of them, and there’s usually more of them than the Sugar Daddies. This increases your chances of finding a match.

Tips For Choosing A Sugar Daddy Site

You should sign up on the most popular Sugar Daddy websites as popularity is an indicator of how successful the members of the website are in finding what they’re looking for. Plus, when a website is popular, there surely will be more members on them, which means more Sugar Babies for you to choose from. Just remember to only choose websites that look professional and don’t look tacky as Sugar Babies can be quite picky as well. And if you’re genuinely interested in a sugar dating arrangement, avoid websites that contain keywords like sex, hook-ups, getting laid, any other relevant keywords, and nude photos. These websites typically are being used by escorts to find clients so you will hardly find Sugar Babies there.

Creating Your Profile

If you’re ready to start your sugar dating journey, go to the sugar daddy website of your choice and figure out how to sign up. The reviews will usually tell you how if you’re having a hard time figuring it out on your own. If you’re signing up on more than one site, make sure that you have the same profile so that when you meet a Sugar Baby on one site that’s also on another site and she finds your profile on there, she’ll see that you’re not lying about anything. Also, while sugar dating sites do offer good privacy settings, you should still check out the privacy and safety just to make sure you don’t get screwed over in the future.

Making your profile is often pretty easy. Initially, you’ll be asked to provide general information like age, location, education, employment, physical appearance, interests, etc. As a Sugar Daddy, you’ll need to provide details about your income and wealth—something you should be honest about since lying could negatively affect your attempt to find a Sugar Baby in the future. Actually, you should be honest about everything. If you want a piece of information hidden, just don’t say anything about it.

After filling out the necessary information, you may be required to enter your credit card details for billing purposes. Note that most sites will offer a free trial, but not all of them are trustworthy and some will actually charge you even if you do cancel your subscription before your free trial ends.

Once all that’s been filled out, it’s time to include details about yourself that will catch the Sugar Babies’ attention. You must find something about yourself that will make you stand out from the crowd. But again, don’t lie about anything. If you don’t know what to say, look at other Sugar Daddy profiles and see what they did right or wrong. You can start by imitating a particular profile, but be sure to gradually alter it so that it reflects you the most, and not the person you were copying. If you don’t have the time to do this the moment you sign up, just make it short and come back to it later. But make sure it still sounds interesting. Other information you’ll need to provide are your expectations in a Sugar Baby.

The next step is uploading your photos. Because you want to present yourself as a Sugar Daddy of high stature, only upload photos where you are well dressed and look your best. They have to see a successful, wealthy man when they look at your photos. In addition, they have to be up to date so that when you finally go on a date with someone, they’re not surprised by your current look.

Sugar Dating Website Features

The features of sugar daddy websites will vary, but many of them will allow you to perform a quick search, like a list of Sugar Babies in a certain age range or location. Some of these websites may offer even more advanced search futures. You will learn more about them once you finally use the websites. Again, read the reviews—they will be your new best friend.

Other features you can expect to see are the ability to see who has added you to their “Favorites” list and the ability to access their photo gallery and even their secret photo/video gallery.

Signing up on multiple websites and creating profiles may seem tedious right now, but it’s highly important that you create an interesting profile. It’s the only way you can entice Sugar Babies and potentially land a date.