Now that you have a profile on sugar daddy websites as well as an organized system for keeping track of the different Sugar Babies and scheduling future dates, you’re all set to start exploring your options in the vast sea of Sugar Babies. On many sugar dating websites, both the Sugar Daddies and the Sugar Babies have the option to send the first message. Whether you’re initiating contact or responding to a Sugar Baby who has shown interest in you, writing your first message is the perfect chance to show her just how great you are compared to other Sugar Daddies on the site. Starting a conversation isn’t difficult, but starting a meaningful one that will capture both the interest and the heart of the Sugar Baby is not at all simple. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you want the Sugar Baby to stay interested in you. If striking up interesting conversations isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry—we offer several tips that you can use. By the end of this guide, you should have a clear idea of how you should craft your messages.

Initiating Contact

The first time you view a Sugar Baby’s profile, you will most likely pay the most attention to her photos. There is nothing wrong with this, although if you’re trying to initiate contact with her, you need to read and comprehend what’s written on her profile first. You have to make sure that she’s actually someone you’d be interested in having a sugar arrangement with. If you like her photos but are skeptical about whether you would get along based on her personality, it may be best to continue looking at more profiles before deciding to initiate contact. Apart from figuring out whether you’d be interested in her, you also need to determine if you’re the type she’s looking for. As mentioned in a previous guide, there are different types of Sugar Daddies, and Sugar Babies will usually favor one type over the others. There are different types of Sugar Babies as well, so you can’t just write generic messages. Make sure you craft each message individually for every Sugar Baby.

Conversation Starters

Ask a question. When it comes to dating, whether the traditional manner or the sugar way, women always find the desperate ones unattractive. So don’t ever beg for any Sugar Baby’s attention. You can get her attention without resorting to desperate measures. Read her profile and see if there’s anything you’d like to know about her. Asking someone a question is actually a pretty good conversation starter. A lot of girls like to talk about themselves, so this is one way to get her interested in talking to you. You could ask her about what she does for a living and how she feels about it, specific questions about her hobbies, or simple questions like where she had her beautiful photo with the pristine background taken. If her profile says she likes to eat out, you may ask her for a restaurant recommendation or ask her if she’s ever been to this really wonderful restaurant you’ve been to.

Compliment her. Giving a Sugar Baby—or any girl for that matter—a compliment usually works in your favor if it’s done correctly. One that will most likely NOT work is simply calling her cute, pretty or beautiful. Women are sick of hearing these things and would prefer a more unique or creative compliment. What you could do instead is compliment her outfit or her hairstyle or other smaller things about her that make her beautiful. If she’s mentioned liking a particular book on her profile and you genuinely like the same book, you could compliment her on her good taste. Complimenting her on things that are not about her physical appearance will do you more good, since it would mean that you actually paid attention to what she wrote in her profile. And lastly, make sure you actually mean the compliments. Lying won’t get you anywhere, so it’s better not to compliment her if you don’t actually mean it.

Responding to Messages

If a Sugar Baby has initiated contact with you, there’s a wide variety of ways to respond. Of course, not all of them will ensure that it leads to a good conversation. To keep the conversation going, you must avoid using a common response. No matter what her message is, do read her profile so you can craft your message with her profile in mind. Apart from knowing what to say, knowing how to say it is important as well. You want to appear tactful and respectful, and not trashy or offensive.

The Do’s

  1. Pay attention to your manners at all times. Nobody likes talking to a rude person, so be sure to be extra careful of what you say to the Sugar Baby.
  1. Talk with class and appear cultured. This will make you seem like you’re part of the elite—Sugar Babies dig that.
  1. Have impeccable grammar. If your messages are filled with grammatical errors and misspellings, no one is going to take you seriously. Use an app like Grammarly to check for any errors.

The Don’t’s

  1. The first few conversations that you have with the Sugar Baby are very crucial. You don’t want to give a bad impression and turn them off. Avoid declaring your sexual desires and leave that for later when you’ve finally gone on a few dates.
  1. Don’t appear entitled or be demanding. Sugar Babies will give you what you want if it’s within their means, but only if they respect you. If you show them that you are a selfish person, you’re going to lose them in no time. Never demand things before you even discuss the specifics of your relationship and have gone on a date once or twice.

Wrapping it Up

Conversations will have to end at some point, but don’t worry—there will be more if you finish talking on a high note. When a conversation is about to end, let the Sugar Baby know you’ll talk again tomorrow. Try and think of a cliffhanger that will make her look forward to talking to you. It could be something about yourself, or anything that she really wants to know.

You could also bring up the idea of a date before a conversation ends. Again, it’s important that you know how to say it. For example, if you’ve seen a photo of her at a certain restaurant, you could suggest meeting her there for a meal or a coffee. If she’s interested, you’ll know right away.