Once you have finally found a promising Sugar Baby after talking to countless of potential Sugar Babies, it is time to take things to the next level. But first, make sure that you actually get along with her and that you have done the necessary background checks just to be on the safe side. You wouldn’t want to go on a date with someone who’s actually untrustworthy and only out to scam you. If you have done all the required research and she passes, it’s time to talk to her about your first meeting and then mutually agree on a date. Do note that there are a few things you need to consider before your first date. Make sure you go through each one on the list we have provided here for a seamless, fun date with the Sugar Baby.

Where to Go

Deciding on a place to meet can be a little hard, especially if it’s your first time going on a date with a potential Sugar Baby. What you pick will vary on your taste, your Sugar Baby’s preferences and the amount you’re willing to pay for the first date. As the Sugar Daddy, it is not only your responsibility to make a reservation but to also pay for the full date. Since it’s going to be your first date, you have to pick a public location that’s easily accessible for the both of you. This is the safest option for you, since if the Sugar Baby tries something weird, you can easily get out of there and call for help. But the same goes for her—meeting in a public place will give her peace of mind that if the date doesn’t work out, she can easily leave.

Have a list of your favorite restaurants or the best restaurants in the specific location you’d like to meet the Sugar Baby in and pick the most suitable place for your date. It’d be better to pick an upscale restaurant for a more exclusive feel as it would impress the Sugar Baby a lot. Before making a reservation, however, ask the Sugar Baby if she has any preferences when it comes to food. This is to make sure that you actually go to a place you both will like. Plus, asking her about her preferences will show that you care about what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

How to Get There

Now that the location is covered, you have to arrange how both of you will get to the place. The traditional way is to pick her up at her place, but you don’t necessarily have to do that. You could simply decide to go separately if it would be more convenient for the both of you. Going separately comes with one advantage—if the date doesn’t go well you won’t have to awkwardly drive her home or figure out how to get her home in a different manner. If you do decide to go separately, however, make sure that you get there on time. You want the Sugar Baby to see that your time matters a lot to you. If she sees how much you value your time, she’ll be more likely to be on time the following dates as well.

Date Fund

As mentioned earlier, you will be the one paying for the date, so it’s important that you actually have the means to do it. As a businessman, you probably have your credit card on you at all times, but having your credit card won’t be enough. You also need to make sure that you have cash on hand just in case your credit card doesn’t work. It most likely won’t, but it’s better to be prepared than end up being embarrassed by your card being denied. You might also want to give your Sugar Baby some cash at the end of your date as a token of appreciation for coming to meet you; she could use the cash to get a cab home if you got there separately. Lastly, get her a nice little gift to make the date an even better experience for her. It’ll show that you’re thoughtful and fully capable of pampering your Sugar Baby.


A day or two before your scheduled date, call your Sugar Baby to ask if the date is still happening. It’s to make sure that there aren’t any changes to the arrangement. You want to know if there are any changes before the date so you can act accordingly. In addition, inform those who might need to get a hold of you on the day of your date that you cannot take any calls so they don’t call you in the middle of the date and ruin it. You want the Sugar Baby to feel that she has your complete attention.


Attire is an often overlooked element of the date that’s actually as important as all the other elements. It’s vital to note that girls put a lot of importance in dressing nicely. If you look like a million dollars in your attire, she will be more attracted and interested in you. To achieve this, you need to dress sharply and maybe even hire a stylist to look your best. Creating a good impression for her is the goal. Just remember that if you’re going to a place with a certain dress code, you have to inform her ahead of time so she can prepare something to wear as well.

Other Tips

– It’s normal for the first date to start awkwardly and to have a few seconds of silence here and there. To minimize these awkward moments, prepare a list of things you want to ask her or tell her so you can keep the conversation going. You could ask her about her work, education, family, hobbies or other things you may be interested in.

– Having a drink or two is completely fine, especially since it can ease the tension you’re feeling. Just make sure not to go overboard as you don’t want to be drunk on your first date.

– Turn your phone off or keep it in silent mode so your date isn’t disturbed by any messages or apps. Don’t use your phone unless absolutely necessary as using your phone in the middle of a date can be interpreted as rude.