When looking for a sugar daddy/baby meet-up website, there are a lot of time-wasting sites out there. It almost feels like trying to find a decent chat partner on Chatroulette.

As far as sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites are concerned, ArrangementFinders.com is mediocre. It doesn’t get an outright 2 or 1 rating because it does have something to offer in finding your sugar daddy or baby.

It does have its share of women you can get, making it a hotspot for sugar daddies. The main issue that lowers its score, as you’ll soon find out below, is the quality of the women membership. The women are available but they’re not the women you’re looking for necessarily, if you’re a sugar daddy. But if you’re a sugar baby, this might also mean that there’s less sugar daddies for you to choose from, as they’re already staying away from this site.

First Impressions

The chances of finding a match are slim when searching through Arrangement Finders. Past customers have the same common complaints about it over and over. Whenever a sugar daddy attempts to set up a meeting with a sugar baby from the site, they’re given tons of excuses and delay the meet-up as long as possible.

They’re then asked to send money to them to allow the meeting to take place, which reeks of something out of the Nigerian Prince scam. What’s more, many of the so-called sugar babies from the site are camgirls who only wish to offer themselves sexually via webcam and nothing else, as though the site serves as their advertisement platform.

This discourages many sugar daddies from continuing to use the site or even signing up, which means that sugar babies may have a hard time finding a sugar daddy.


The site design itself is superb and doesn’t look like a relic of Web 1.0. It offers modern conveniences and feels relevant to the 2010s as opposed to other sites that look like they’ve barely upgraded from the 21st Century or the Turn of the Millennium. The signup sheet and the web functionalities aren’t outdated either.

This is in comparison to certain other websites thusly unnamed that have been around for decades and it shows. Some even have that annoying Flash intro that never really took off among visitors because it’s annoying to load up. Navigation is a breeze here.

The site easily establishes a secure connection, it offers free signup to give you a “taste” of what it has to offer, and there are no confusing menus to deal with. It’s pretty professionally made almost to the point of looking like a corporate website.

None of that is present here because the site was fairly recently established in 2008, which means it doesn’t have legacy software baggage to deal with and uses web development kits and apps that are still in use 10 years later.

Curiously, the site bans certain IPs and countries in its effort to improve the quality of its user base and applicants in light of all the scamming and camgirl advertisement going around.

Signing Up For an Account

On one hand, signing up for an account is free, which is a good thing. Creating a profile is as simple as setting up a new email. On the other hand, you only get access to sugar babies or sugar daddies when you apply for a paid account. The free account isn’t even worth writing about. It’s setup to entice you to get a paid account.

The signup is easy but the actual connection with paid accounts requires you to use your credit card or PayPal to overcome that pay wall. However, this is all expected. You can only really connect with everyone, especially the paying customers, with the paid account but even then, it’s hard to find quality sugar babies and daddies who actually want to meet-up and establish a relationship.

The site claiming that you can connect then meet with each other applies only to paid accounts, but even then only a handful are willing to enter a Mutually Beneficial Agreement. Once you become a paying member then you’ll probably be paying more to get nudes from the sexualized sugar baby listings, or if you’re the sugar baby you might not even find anyone. OKCupid.com for sugar daddies/babies this is not.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

The listings are comprehensive but like a telemarketer or call center agent dealing with a well-used “leads” list, getting “sales” out of the list is hit and miss (with a lot more misses to spare). However, the site gets at least a mediocre score from us because the sugar babies are like as advertised on the main page.

They’re sexual and enticing. Some members probably are satisfied with subscribing to several of these camgirls, offering a few quick dollars for nudes and the like. There are nudes galore in the profile pics as though you’ve stumbled across a porn site, which is one of the main assets of ArrangementFinders.com that entices people to become paying members.

It’s almost bordering on being a prostitution or escort website disguised as a dating site for May-December romances between sugar daddies and babies. Those are the women available on the site, which is both its asset and curse.

The problem here is that this isn’t CamGirls.com or NudesExchange.com. This is instead ArrangementFinders.com. And the primary thing the site is offering is exactly what it’s lacking, hence the drop in points. The girls are paradoxically available and not available at the same time.

However, in fairness, at least there are available girls that aren’t bots or sock puppets at this site versus many other sites that are like ghost towns when it comes to sugar baby content (loads of sugar daddies though). That’s a low bar to overcome though and the quality of women remains low or a least not worth the monthly subscription fee.

There are a good amount of sugar daddies on the website, but since they know how majority of girls on the site are like, they’re probably going to think any sugar baby is a camgirl and not try to start a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship with them.


You have to pay $79 per month to get an ArrangementFinders.com membership. Unlike other competing sugar daddy to sugar baby dating sites, you don’t get much from this subscription save for better access among the paying members of the site (all the good sugar daddies/babies are paying members themselves).

You don’t get anything special. You won’t have webcam access. Your messaging capabilities are pretty basic. Most importantly, when deciding to meet offline, the site doesn’t help you streamline the process. It’s all up to you. You’re left high and dry. That $79 you paid for is only for list access, which is a primary point of contention among irate ex-customers of the site.

The Bottom Line

The site leaves an overall bad experience among the men or the sugar daddies, which make their optimistic claim, “You Deserve It, Guys” seem more like a slap on the face than anything else. Some customers apply for membership with the site in order to haggle nudes and sex video prices with the sugar baby user base.

They’re certainly not flocking the site for its high success rate in getting sugar daddies to find viable sugar babies in light of the site’s infamous reputation. The bottom line here is that your chances of meeting your sugar baby isn’t high but at least amateur cam girls can use the site as their advertising platform.

As for sugar babies, you can have a decent chance of success, considering there are still many sugar daddies lured to this site by the porn website-like setup. But then again, if they’re lured to the site by camgirls, they probably aren’t specifically looking to establish and maintain a relationship with you, so you’re better off finding your sugar daddies on a different site.

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