When you first sign up (for free) on http://www.elitemeeting.com/ adult dating site for sugar daddies and babies, you’ll be bombarded with emails from men who want to contact you if you’re a lady. If you’re a sugar daddy, you’ll be the one sending emails left and right in order to make the most out of the expensive membership fee.

Either way, if you’re a free member, you can only read profiles and see pictures. Look but no touch. Even if you’re a paid member, members with different levels of membership cannot message each other. For example, a silver member sugar baby can only be messaged by a sugar daddy paying for the same level of membership.

First Impressions

The website gives people the impression that the members are carefully scrutinized and verified, particularly in terms of success, attractiveness, and income level. This is connected to its pricey membership fee, with people thinking it’s expensive so it must include a better verification process to justify its fees.

This is unfortunately not the case at all. It attracts people that can afford it, granted, but scams can also have high prices yet no guarantees in terms of quality. With that said, is EliteMeeting.com a scam in and of itself? It’s difficult for both sugar babies and sugar daddies to use, apparently.


In terms of site navigation, the site gets an average score. It doesn’t particularly stand out with its site design but it doesn’t overly confuse you with terrible design choices either. It is okay, if mediocre compared to other sugar daddy websites out there. At the very least, the way the site is designed isn’t too much of an eyesore.

For certain people out there, it looks downright amateurish and reminiscent of the old chat sites of yore in the late 20th to early 21st Century (that is, from the 1990s to the 2000s) like ICQ and mIRC. The site immediately advertises its members rather than have a swanky landing page that would normally entice people to join.

The site comes complete with various corners like SpeedMeeting Parties, Dating Coach Corner, Member Testimonials, How We’re Different, a Search Results Page for Members, and a Free to Join Corner call to action.

It also has drop-down menus galore and loads of functionality, which makes it get an average score at best even though the site format itself with its frames and YouTube embeds appear more like a site from Web 1.0 than a more modern site in the 2010s. Minimalist, it isn’t. You’ll be bombarded with things to do and links to click, like the front page of Yahoo! back in the 1990s (or even Yahoo! nowadays).

Signing Up For an Account

The easiest thing about EliteMeeting.com is its registration or ease of joining. Like the best registration processes around, it’s as easy as making a new email account. You simply have to provide your personal details including what sort of account name and password you want to use and you’re done.

In fairness, you have an average chance of getting a date on this adult dating site that matches its mediocre site design. Furthermore, in terms of photo quality or size of the member photos, it’s quite topnotch at least. You can peruse the menu of handsome sugar daddies or beautiful sugar babies with relative ease when push comes to shove.

It claims that it takes 2 minutes to join the site, and we can confirm that this is true: Doubly so if you’re a reviewer of sugar daddy and baby sites with autofill turned on. You specifically need to provide your email, gender, birthday, mobile phone number, and the choice to copy your existing EliteFling.com if it exists.

Clearly, the site allows you to sign up and register an account with them without needing to provide sensitive information, which is a huge leg-up to many other scam-filled sugar daddy sites out there. But it stumbles in terms of verification and listing quality.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

First off, here are the benefits of the listings of EliteMeeting.com. The size and quality of the member photos are excellently rendered, allowing you to go through them easily. Your chances of getting a date at this site isn’t wholly impossible either if you take the time and effort to get interested parties.

Furthermore, the listings come with features galore. You can find professionals in your area like it’s LinkedIn. You can also search through the photos of the most attractive members of the site and message them if you have the same membership level. Your inbox is activated as soon as you get a paid membership. You can also upload as many photos as you like on a fully-customizable profile.

The site’s blog gives advice on how to find dates. You can invite your friends to the site, find members based on their salary, or join a mailing list if you’re looking for a fling instead of a serious relationship. You can attend events, use the wink function to show your interest to people, and get a guarantee that you’ll receive free membership if you don’t meet someone within 3 months.

Although it has many other features as well to justify its expensive pricing like an advice corner and more site-unique functions that make it more like Facebook than an adult dating site, it ultimately falters into the finish line of mediocrity and stumbles instead back to terrible due to the quality of its membership.

There are complaints by both legitimate sugar daddy and sugar baby of scams and scammers, with sugar daddies lying about income levels and sugar babies lying by uploading pics that aren’t them. It’s this pernicious problem with scammers that has truly dragged the site’s score down from average to terrible.


The $70 per month bill is among the more expensive ones you’ll come across, which is why this site has among the more complete feature packages available. It’s worth signing up for free for the first month but then cancel immediately or else you’ll be billed for the service.

The site’s technical support and help files are among the poorest we’ve ever seen. They’re practically nonexistent and unhelpful, especially when it comes to reporting scammers (who are paying customers too, so the site turns a blind eye on them).

The Bottom Line

Elite Meeting is a half-baked idea that they tried so hard to work (and it kind of does since you can still meet singles and sugar daddies/babies with enough effort) with their loads of social-media-like features. However, in the end, the multiple landmines of scammers and dishonest members have soured the experience, like a soup filled with too much salt despite all its topnotch ingredients otherwise. It’s almost not worth it to play Minesweeper on the profiles when other cheaper sites provide a better dating experience.

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