Established Men advertises itself as a site that connects young, beautiful women with interesting men. Trying it out for ourselves, this proves to be true. You have an above-average chance of landing a date with a girl that’s not a scammer or cam girl, which is what these sites are all about.

The main cons from this site full of pros that has lowered its rating from a solid excellent to middling is the fact that there’s slim pickings when it comes to sugar daddies as far as the sugar babies are concerned, which in turn reduces the supply for said sugar babies.

First Impressions is your typical sugar daddy to baby dating site in that it concentrates its advertising the most on wealthy men looking for attractive girls. Other sites make its marketing more equal between the sexes, like advertising better verification services for income and identity.

The site is able to gather girls even as it advertises for men strongly by making membership completely free for girls who are in search of rich guys. As for the men, they can only avail of Established Men’s benefits after paying the fee or toll for membership. Therefore, there are more ladies than men signing up for the site.

Navigation has a pretty barebones landing page where it straightforwardly advertises its social-media-like site on first glance. However, if you wait for the landing page to load, you’ll see it’s more modern than you’d initially expect. The theme is repeated in the rest of the site.

The web design is deceptively simple but excellent in execution and functionality. It avoids the pitfalls of other sites by having non-generic navigation labels, navigation in non-standard locations, and the likes while also placing drop-down menus in the right areas. You have easy access of the pages in one place.

It has an animated background where it swipes the screen from left to right as it goes through different gorgeous women, which is a nice touch. On the front page, you have instant access to their pages for About Us, Contact Us, Press & Media, Affiliates, Frequently Asked Questions, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. You can travel and explore the site with amazing ease.

The FAQ page in particular covers everything you need to know about troubleshooting and technical issues before you have to altogether refer to the Contact Page for more information. However, the real meat of the site is found with the signup page, the members’ profiles, and the search result listings for sugar daddies and babies.

Signing Up For an Account

In order to sign up to the site, you need to go to the tab where you specify whether you’re looking for girls or guys and where you live. You also need to specify their ages, which can be between 18 to 35 years old. You can even go as high as 65 years of age. From there, you’ll be asked to register a new account.

If you know how to sign up for an email or social media, then you should be able to accomplish making an account for Established Men quite easily. Just remember that due to the nature of the sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangement, you’ll be the one forking in the cash for more functionalities and features if you’re the man.

Once you upgrade to a paid account (because the free account is just a preview that lacks the ability for you to reply to members that are at higher membership levels than you), you’ll have to supply more information than just the age and sex of the person you’re searching for.

You’ll have to provide your mobile phone number, birthday, gender, email, and so forth, particularly your income. You’ll then have to provide proof of your income before your account can be verified and open for sugar babies to peruse.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

The listings are aplenty when it comes to the female fish in the sea. It’s like an ocean of fish there since females can become members for free. This surplus in sugar baby supply allows the site to cater to high demand from actual verified daddies with the bankroll and income to actually interest many a lady out there.

There’s a middling chance you can get a date from the site in light of its size and the amount of interested females signing up to it. It also has decent photo size for its member photographs. The girls that sign up for the site are enticed by the income checks done by the site managers to ensure that they’re only getting real sugar daddies. has a favorable ratio of ladies to men, such as the young girls actually outnumber the old boys 4:1. In fact, it’s the site’s strongest suit, allowing it to charge up to $50 per month. Another favorable aspect of the website is how the ladies are aware of the purpose of the site, so there’s no low-key prostitution, pornography, or cam-girl advertising going on.

They’re there to find sugar daddies and establish long-term relationships by meet-ups and dates. If they wish for flings or no-strings-attached relationships, this isn’t the site for these connections. There are other sites out there that you can try out instead, although some failed meet-ups can lead to flings, hookups, one-night stands, and friends with benefits.

The main problem that the listings have isn’t from the sugar baby side of things but from the sugar daddies themselves. Many a sugar baby has complained that the daddies with the decent income tend to be quite old, some even reaching senior citizen status. They’re fine with someone in their forties but 40s and 60s might be pushing it.


The basic membership is the free trial version with no fees included. It involves signing up and seeking partners for dating. Unlike other services where the messages come in limited amounts, you can freely flirt and message each other with this level of membership.

You can update to premium membership with $79 for one month and $147 for three months ($49 per month instead). The $79 package allows you to get 100 credits, while the $147 package allows you to get 300 credits. The credits enable you to buy gifts for sugar babies if you’re a sugar daddy. You can pay for the subscription by PayPal or through your credit card.

The Bottom Line

The website of Established Men itself is easy to use and convenient. It’s filled with attractive singles, their free membership is actually worthwhile to get, and it’s also successful in kick-starting the dating life of many a sugar daddy out there. Alas, it has a high membership fee, and most of the rich men are old. Some male members might not like the vetting process because of its tediousness. Overall, it’s pretty good and can be very beneficial to both sugar daddies and babies.

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