When signing up with MarryMeSugarDaddy.com, you should be careful and wary. When around sugar daddy sites, you can’t relax. They reek of scammers because even the site moderators themselves do some scummy things. It actually manages to do worse than the cardinal sin of having a bad sugar baby listing or dishonest sugar daddies due to lackadaisical verification.

They claim that a membership is free, only for you to end up paying for that “free” membership when the bill arrives in the mail. It can get worse, though. It’s rated as 1 in this review because there have been members who’ve had their identities stolen after sharing personal information with this site.

First Impressions

There’s no way to know how deep in trouble you’ll get when you sign up for an account at MarryMeSugarDaddy.com. However, the fact that there’s risk with the free account even though free accounts are supposed to be risk-free in the first place (like a trial version of the site before you sign up for real) makes MarryMeSugarDaddy one of the worst sites out there.

There are even third-party reviews and customer feedback out there that say nothing good can come out from interacting with the site, which means their prime recommendation is to avoid the site at all costs. What’s more, the award on the landing page is fake. MarryMeSugarDaddy awarded itself with an award that doesn’t exist.


The site’s graphics and web design is quite convincing. It’s like the layout of a magazine done in HTML form, but it’s not so overdesigned that it’s filled with clutter and whatnot. In regards to web development, format, layout, and navigation, MarryMeSugarDaddy.com excels as though it’s its sole saving grace.

You can go from one page to another without getting lost. There are no questionable design choices present.  It’s obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into the site’s look, making it enticing to users. However, like a Venus Flytrap or a Pitcher Plant, looks can be deceiving and those who enter the site might end up worse off than before.

One of the red flags in regards to MarryMeSugarDaddy.com having something amiss is the video on its front page. The woman looks out of place, the production is all over the place, and the video plays like a chat line commercial. The vid also opens every time the website is opened, which means that it plays like one of those annoying website intros found in the early 2000s.

It’s like a spam landing page that’s doing a hard sell on its services. The fact that it needs to resort to hard sells means the makers of the site aren’t very confident in regards to the quality of their sugar daddy dating site.

Signing Up For an Account

Signing up for an account with MarryMeSugarDaddy.com is as simple as signing up for an email. Just go to the signup page, provide your personal details (which unfortunately includes your bank or credit card information and physical address, which is problematic for reasons that will be discussed later on), click agree on all the requisite disclaimers and T&C, and then you’re done.

Once you’ve provided your info, you can add your own account (which includes your account name and password). You’ll need to log in to access the site. The site claims it has a two-day “free” trial but it’s not by any means. If you sign up and log in, you won’t get a free trial or preview of the site. You will be billed per month by your usage.

MarryMeSugarDaddy.com desperately wants you to signup with your credit card information under the guise that it’s a free trial when you’re really being tricked into signing up for a premium account that’s hard to cancel. What’s worse is that the password isn’t encrypted in any way, shape, or form. This means hackers or tech-savvy individuals can steal your profile that you didn’t know you’re paying for.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

There are not too many reviews in regards to the listings, which usually is the make-or-break factor in regards to the viability of a sugar daddy site. Most of the complaints come from members who’ve been tricked into getting membership from the site when all they wanted was to try it out for free. Many of them never bother paying and they don’t mind getting their IP blocked by the service since they had no intention of joining in the first place.

However, for those who willfully applied for a paid or premium membership with the site, they don’t have too many complaints in regards to the sugar baby listings. It has its share of camgirls and escorts who are just there to advertise their sexy wares. However, if you search hard enough, you should find the sugar baby you’re looking for as long as you don’t lie in regards to your income.

Many sugar daddies don’t have verified income (and many of them were tricked into getting a paid membership anyway), so legitimate sugar babies are less likely to flock the site. It has the kind of sugar daddy and sugar baby listing that would normally earn it a 2.5 to 3 rating at best.

The site gets the worst possible rating more because of the site owners than the membership, to be honest. Most of the sugar daddies are trapped by the two-day “free” trial that almost immediately results in a paid one.


The paid or premium membership has you pay $50 per month. It’s neither the cheapest nor most expensive rate available, but because the two-day trial results in a paid membership without your approval anyway, that’s the rate you should expect.

The premium membership offers mobile and profile access to MarryMeSugarDaddy.com. There’s also a supposed $9.99 a month fee for the membership that is also reoccurring. So that’s an additional $10 to the $50 per month but doesn’t add any additional features for the additional expense. To “cancel” the service, just stop paying and let the site block your IP soon afterwards.

The Bottom Line

Even though its navigation is normally superb (as outlined above), when you attempt to cancel out of your membership, you have no idea how and no page to go to in order to initiate cancellation. You’re stuck paying the initial fee or letting the site block your IP address by not paying (most of the tricked members opt for the latter option).

Clicking the “No Thanks, Remind Me Later” button on the right-hand corner of the site results in the locking of your account and there’s no way to open the site without emailing customer support, which in turn asks you to verify your identity with your credit card number. The site is run in Cyprus so there’s no physical address you can go to in order to cancel your membership.

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