The reviews and testimonials from the customers are quite encouraging. Alas, as far as the market for May-December romances are concerned, positive ratings for sites like Seeking Arrangement are few and far in between.

Most other dating sites out there either have cam girls using the platform as their means of advertising their webcam shows or selling their nudes. There are also sites that use their listings as a front for online prostitution. In such sites, the chances of meeting worthwhile sugar babies and daddies are slim. is different. Read on to find out how different it is.

First Impressions

Former customers highly recommend the site for older men looking for younger women sugar babies they could have a sugar daddy arrangement with. There isn’t as much feedback in regards to younger women looking for sugar daddies, but somehow it seems like it goes without saying.

It’s all about their screening process and user base. Women don’t end up being disappointed with sugar daddies that don’t have as much money as they indicate because the site double-checks your financial status. In turn, it also makes sure that the women are there for dating instead of solicitation for nudes, sex videos and possible prostitution.


The site navigates smoothly. It’s akin to modern sites like Facebook and Twitter wherein it’s easy to socially connect with the user base and you won’t end up confused with where you’re going. It’s also easy to block any users you don’t want to connect with anymore.

It doesn’t have a confusing menu system and searching through the listing is as easy as using Google. You can message different sugar daddies and sugar babies at will then go with any interested parties. What’s more, its free trial allows you to use the site pretty much like a paying customer for a short period of time. It even has a guide if you’re lost.

It’s not like other sites wherein the free account serves as nothing more than a “look but don’t touch” deal wherein you can’t search for paid accounts or message them. This site also tops the list of Best Sugar Daddy websites mostly because of its accessibility.

The great thing about is that it actually works and provides relationship opportunities from a user base that’s been guaranteed. It features benefits like having plenty of sugar babies to choose from, free features, good matching criteria and realistic profiles (scam profiles are easily taken down).

Signing Up For an Account

Signing up for an account (free or paid) with is easy. Just register an account, put in your email and personal details like your name, address and so forth (including your income if you’re a sugar daddy), then you’re through. It’s as easy as signing up for an email. Incidentally, the reason why its listing is full of sugar babies is because the women who apply there can apply for free. This means that the site is very beneficial for sugar babies. Many sites require sugar babies to have a paid account before they could interact with good sugar daddy prospects, but not this one.

When websites have sugar babies paying for their application too, this results in the listings being filled with cam girls who apply for advertisement. You can apply for membership immediately or use the free trial first. The free trial of is one of the more comprehensive free trials out there.

Instead of being completely worthless in that once you sign up, you can’t message any paid accounts of sugar babies and sugar daddies (which defeats the purpose of a free trial), you can send ten messages to members free of charge.  If you’re a sugar daddy and want to send unlimited messages to interested parties and cast a wider net of potential sugar babies, the membership for is $50 every month.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

The main meat or substance of any sugar daddy website is its listings. Seeking Arrangement has some of the best quality listings because it offers its services for free for sugar babies and it verifies every account to keep consumers from scamming each other with fakes, sock puppets and catfishing accounts. Only sugar daddies are required to pay to use the website as intended.

Because the site is reputable and has stringent policies against scammers, it’s flocked by those actually interested in the daddy-baby relationship of the sugar variety. Every account that claims they’re college girls are actually from college girls. In turn, every sugar daddy that claims to be a millionaire will get a background check to ensure his claims are true.

Your picture will be one of the first things verified since it’s easy for members to use fake pics. This usually involves checking out your social media to see if you’re using your actual picture instead of a fake avatar. You’re not allowed to message anyone until your specifics are confirmed as true whether you’re a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Otherwise, members can report other abusive members, such that the members themselves can serve as moderators. It has a self-moderated community that makes the membership fees worthwhile. It’s recommended that you use the free trial to see for yourself if the site is legit, but so far you’ve probably seen a near-unanimous agreement with third-party reviewers.

The membership fee of $50 monthly is actually cheaper than other sites, which have lower quality listings yet charge $70 to $100 a month for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. This just goes to show that having a good reputation as a sugar daddy website is worth its weight in gold, such that you can lower prices to $50 and still end up with a tidy profit.


There are no issues with billing. Once you use up your one-month free trial, your account won’t be able to send messages to sugar babies until you pay for the right to do so. You can also opt to skip the free trial and get to the pay option.

You will get billed monthly by mail but you can cancel your membership at any time with no questions asked. There are no complaints from past customers in regards to cancellation. You can cancel whenever you want and also reapply whenever you want. Just remember that the free trial is a one-time offer once your profile is in their database.

The Bottom Line

The paid membership is so robust and filled with quality sugar babies that Seeking Arrangement is known as one of the most worthwhile websites of its kind. It’s so good that it even includes a blog as well. The blog isn’t lip service either. You’re warned about sugar daddy messaging mistakes and lessons for securing a sugar baby investment. is one of the most renowned sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites around because it does things as advertised. It gives sugar daddies and sugar babies the opportunity to meet with each other. Furthermore, the advice is updated every month. This is a highly recommended site indeed.

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