is a highly controversial site that’s infamous for its terribleness. It has arguably become a poster boy for scam or worthless sugar daddy sites out there, as though it’s a prime example of what not to do when setting up your own sugar daddy site.

It’s not all bad though, which allowed it to earn at least a rating of 2. It’s still mostly bad though. This is rather unfortunate because the site is one of the most popular sugar daddy websites out there (for all the wrong reasons). Loads of scammers, faker sugar daddies and cam girls ply their trade though this site.

First Impressions isn’t a reputable site. It’s a popular site nonetheless. The reason for this is simple. It’s like YouTube being filled with trashy channels from throwaway accounts. Or Chatroulette being filled with low quality male exhibitionists and pranksters. The site has become too popular, such that its operators cannot vet or verify every last user and account.

This is the worst-case scenario for any dating site, especially the sugar daddy and sugar baby kind. Sugar Daddie’s reputation went down the gutter exactly because it’s so popular that spammers and scammers have used it as their personal den to ply their trade, and the moderators don’t care as long as the members keep on paying their membership fees.


Navigation isn’t one of the problems of It has very navigable waters in the vast ocean of the Internet. Because of the loads of money it’s getting from porn sites, spammers, scammers, cam girls, sugar daddies lying about their profile pic or earnings, and (probably) escort services, it’s rather competently designed. The site design is basic and nothing to write home about, but navigation is superb.

As expected of one of the most popular sites in the realm of sugar daddy dating. Although the saturation of unvetted users has affected the quality of the listings themselves in terms of trustworthiness, this is not the case in regards to the quality and presentation of the site itself. There are no glitches or server errors when browsing, especially if you’re a paying member.

Everything is instantly accessible. The site uses state-of-the-art web design, from easily searchable databases to excellent content management. Alas, the match-up algorithm is broken not because of the programming but because no matter how pretty the packaging, it won’t improve the garbage hiding underneath.

Signing Up For an Account

Register a new account by going to the signup page and creating a new profile. You need to fill in the required information there, like your age, home address and email address. You’ll also need to agree to the Privacy Policy and Service Agreement for good measure.

You’ll need to use your email address to signup and verify that you’re a person not a bot or sock puppet. Unfortunately, using email verification is the only real verification it uses on its members. From there, you need to log in so that you can start messaging the various listed sugar members on the site. The free trial browsing is patently worthless, enticing free members to pay in order to message the paid members.

To get a full account, you need to pay $20-$30 in membership fees (more on this below) that’s directly sent to your home address (hence why it’s needed to be included). Alas, the ease by which you can sign up on the site, even with the membership fee involved, has led to the listings becoming a free-for-all of fake accounts and catfishing scammers as well as camgirls and escorts.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

The listings have two problems that have poisoned the well. First, there’s no verification of member income. Second, there’s no verification of profile details, so there are fake pics galore from both sugar daddies and babies. Yes, there are thousands of members available on the site. However, only a handful of them are honest-to-goodness sugar daddies that tell the truth about their income or sugar babies who are actually looking for a relationship.

This is why it’s so hard to sift through profiles and find the sugar daddy or baby for you. Many of the actual legitimate members have given up, canceled their membership and left for greener pastures or competent dating websites. It’s not out of the question that the only users left on Sugar Daddie are scammers and camgirls, to be honest.

It’s disadvantageous for both younger women and older men to find dates in this platform. Many of the daddies are liars when it comes to income. Many of the babies use fake profile pictures or MySpace angles to hide their imperfections and sell their nudes to desperate men rather than establish a potential mutually beneficial relationship.

Why would sugar babies bother going to the site if they cannot confirm the income of the members there? Even if they’re all paying members, the membership fee is cheap enough for middle class people to afford it. There are also plenty of “sugar daddies” that ask the sugar babies to send pictures without ever sending them an allowance or going on a decent date.

That’s why there are so many camgirls or women selling nudes advertising on this site. It seems that the members are satisfied with those instead of establishing a relationship. Some adventurous girls might even solicit for paid sex or outright prostitution since the members on this site are more often than not just average guys.


It’s not the priciest sugar daddy website around at $21.99 or about $22.00 per month for full memberships wherein you pay for about a year or so. You can also avail of one week memberships at $6.93 per week, which come out as $27.72 or about $30.00 per month. Other sites charge $50 to $100 per month.

However, it’s expensive in two aspects. One, it is low quality so it’s not worth the money. You can’t even find a decent sugar baby or daddy from this site, so paying for it is akin to throwing away your money. Two, you have to pay for a set year or half a year to be able to get the low rate.

The Bottom Line

It has thousands of profiles and dozens of new paid members joining it every day, so it has plenty of money to spare for maintenance costs, web design payment and server expenses. This oversaturation of unvetted users too numerous to verify has resulted in a cesspool of members that aren’t valid and aren’t serious sugar daddies or sugar babies looking for a relationship.

This shows that popularity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Furthermore, the free membership is worthless too because there’s no messaging included. The lack of verification of profile details is definitely the nail on this site’s coffin in terms of trustworthiness.

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