There are quite a number of sugar daddy websites out there. With the hefty amount of options for sugar daddies and sugar babies, perhaps one can automatically say that the search is easy and stress-free. However, even with the volume of websites that are ripe for the picking and browsing, many still end up emptyhanded.

Enter into the pool of sites. This site is actually one of the oldest and more established of the available alternatives. Because of the length of time that it’s been up, it already has a huge database of sugar daddy and sugar baby profiles to choose from and start mingling with. In fact, it has more than 4 million members and continues to grow even more.

But we get that you may have possible misgivings about entering into a site like this. You might worry that you will get catfished, fooled and scammed. And since it can be hard to find any legitimate and comprehensive reviews of this site, we took it upon ourselves to try out the features and the intricate art that is searching for sugar daddies on this website.

First impressions

The website’s layout is rather simple and is reminiscent of old social networking websites and even existing regular dating sites.  The dark red/light blue color scheme of the website doesn’t look too classy, but when your objective is to find a sugar daddy, a classy-looking website should be the least of your concerns. The website also doesn’t span across your entire screen nor does it scream “sugar dating website”, so even if you browse around other people they most likely won’t even realize you’re on a sugar dating website.

Signing up for an account

You’d expect quite a lot from a sugar dating website that has been around for a while, especially one with already over 4 million members. But even established sugar dating websites aren’t perfect and are plagued with inefficiencies as well as troublesome features. Right when you’re about to sign up for the site, you may notice that it’s a bit sketchy because of how it shows your typed password instead of showing asterisks like most websites. This might mean that they do a poor job of storing information, which could be alarming for some, especially since this is a sugar dating website and not many people would want the world to know about this side of them.

After signing up and filling up your profile, you are then prompted to sign up for a premium account. As of this writing, the Silver Membership is $29.95 while the Gold Membership is $34.95. There’s also a feature called Total Access that you can buy for $14.95 that will allow non-paying members to contact you in case you opt for the premium plan.

Don’t want to sign up for the premium plan? Don’t worry, they have a 3-day free trial so you can still explore the site for three days and ditch it if it’s not to your liking. However, even with the free trial, you still have to enter your card information, which again, is kinda sketchy and off-putting. Overall, what this says about the site is that they care more about sales and making money than actually providing a service to sugar daddies and babies.


Getting around the website is pretty straightforward. They also have a FAQ page that you can read if you have a question about how to use the site. You may contact them through the Contact page as well. As for looking for potential sugar daddies, all you have to do is click on Browse and you’ll be taken to a list of sugar daddies complete with age, location and a display photo. It seems that you won’t really have a problem navigating the site at all in the next three days. The problem, however, is that the website may refuse to cancel your membership after three days, and when it does, you will automatically be charged for a premium membership that you didn’t sign up for.

Obviously, the site has awful customer service, so don’t even count on getting your money back if you don’t want the premium membership. As previously stated, this site is more about making money and less about helping sugar daddies and babies find one another.

Sugar daddy/ Sugar baby listings

While the site does boast of the fact that they have more than 4 million members, they hide the fact that majority of these members are inactive. That means more than half of what you will find on the site are ghost profiles, which is extremely disappointing. This will significantly contribute to the challenges that sugar babies will be facing. Sugar babies will put in great effort into finding a profile and send them a thoughtfully-written message, only to find out later that they just messaged a ghost profile. And when they do get a reply, it’s not guaranteed that the two will hit it off, so sugar babies will have to repeat the entire process over and over.

While it cannot be denied that there are sugar babies who succeed at finding a sugar daddy on the site, it’s also irrefutable that the good candidates are mixed with a whole set of weeds that you’d have to pull out before you get to the ones you like.

The bottom line

The website was all right in terms of navigation and overall experience. But naturally, we didn’t like how it immediately offers the premium membership right after signing up. We understand that there are additional privileges for premium members but there are also people who just want to get a feel of how the website works first and determine if it would prove to be beneficial.  Anyway, there is a free trial period so at least there is that, except there’s a chance of getting charged the premium price after the trial whether or not you sign up for it.

Overall, we’d give this a 3 out of 5. Even if this website helped many girls eventually find sugar daddies, they also went through challenges and had to exert a lot of effort just to get one, what with the huge number of inactive profiles on the site, as well as wanna-be sugar daddies and scammers.

Customer service isn’t the greatest either but it’s hard to expect a sugar dating website to have outstanding customer service. Perhaps, just like all other things, sugar babies just have to put a good amount of effort and hope that they will eventually find the sugar daddy that can give them everything they want.

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