is an adults-only meet-up website and app whose main consumers are sugar daddies and their prospective sugar babies. It is set up to help sugar daddies and their babies meet with each other for the sake of establishing “mutually beneficial relationships”.

The site has been around for an impressive 17 years (established since 2001) and has evolved enough to include web apps into their arsenal. Alas, the veteran site has been weighed, measured and found wanting when it comes to its ability to satisfy its dual consumer base.

First Impressions

The web design is decent if simple. It’s tasteful and subtle with its approach. It’s reminiscent of other dating sites. Even though it uses a rudimentary web design template that appears to have not been updated since 2001, the mostly white background with pale sandy accents is relaxing to the eyes. Like a whitewall with accents on a residence. This is advantageous in keeping things covert. When seeking sugar daddies and babies, there’s little in the web design of the site that will give your intentions away at a glance compared to, for example, a more bodacious porn site.


There are no problems in regards to navigation. This is probably because the site was created during Web 1.0 and never strayed past the overdesigned nightmares of Flash-enabled sites. Therefore, its minimalist design from the past seems retro-chic to the similarly minimalist modern designs of present-day sites.

You won’t have to pore over multiple pages to get anywhere. The links to the few pages can be found on the footer section with ease, like with the old-school no-frames websites of yesteryear. Yes, it’s preferable to have specific sections grouped into a menu like more modern (yet still minimalist) websites would. However, the sections are scarce enough to make this design decision acceptable.

By getting an account, you can end up with a list of potential matches by simply clicking the form provided at the top of the main page. The form includes buttons that allow you to specify if you’re a sugar baby or sugar daddy, your age range, who you’re seeking, and your country and state/city.

Signing Up For an Account

Click on the “Find My Match” icon to get to the signup page. This is where you should create a profile by filling in all your required information, specifically your email address and age. You’ll also need to click on the button to agree to the Privacy Policy and Service Agreement.

You can use your email address or your Facebook account to log into the site, which gives you access to many areas even without a full account. Logging in will allow you to peruse listings of sugar babies and sugar daddies in your given area. You can even check out the forums and blogs. However, without a gold membership or full account, your access is limited.

Becoming a full member requires you to fill up more details and personal info into a more comprehensive form. Apart from the basic data you gave earlier on, you’ll be expected to provide stats like how much you make in a year if you’re a sugar daddy.

The info will then be made available to the other members of the site so that can be found easily by other people looking for you. This info will then be made public to the other full members of the site.

The search feature of the site enables you to find members rather quickly based on their details. Suitable matches will be sent to you via email based on the details you’ve provided.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

The deal here is that if you lack a gold membership, which costs $50, you can’t do anything. But even if you have it, all you can do is send messages to people who usually don’t answer back. This is the most common complaint among even full members.

However, some sugar babies have gotten success from using the site, so maybe it depends on how much effort you put in. Nevertheless, a closer look into the site’s listings shows entries that lack credibility. It’s hard to tell or confirm if a sugar daddy or baby is who he or she claims to be.

This opens up the members to scams and catfishing. This is expressed as much by user reviews in regards to Quite a lot of wannabe sugar daddies include men who misrepresent their photos, income levels and their marriage status. This goes double for sugar babies.

Many of the girls upload false, misleading or edited photographs. They also lie about their age, their vital statistics, and so forth. What’s more, the site is also criticized for having sugar babies that make improper or unfair demands for those that don’t live up to their end of the bargain. There’s at least one young woman who made it clear she wasn’t interested in a long-tem relationship and instead expected to be given money for sending nudes of herself. That’s not what the sugar daddy to sugar baby dynamic is supposed to work. There are also women claiming to be from the U.S. but obviously aren’t when contacted due to their bad English and strong accents. Such stories may prevent actual sugar daddies from signing up or trusting any sugar babies on the site.

So the main problem of the site is the members themselves and the lack of screening that the site does. But as long as you hand the site your $50 for a full or gold membership, the moderators (or lack thereof) couldn’t care less what you do.

Billing Issues

Many sugar daddies and babies don’t even bother with because of the way the site operates. More to the point, we have found out that a number of members were still being billed even after their subscriptions have been canceled. This is an iffy practice to say the least.

An ex-member of the site received confirmation of subscription cancellation. However, he was continually billed many months afterwards. Another former user didn’t even sign up for a gold membership and opted for the 3-day trial, and yet he ended up finding a bill for a full membership in his mail the following month.

These monumental blunders belie the fact that is supposed to be an industry veteran that’s been around for years. Their questionable practices serve as a warning for those who are interested in doing business with them.

The Bottom Line

How can such an old site have such a bad track record, billing issues and negative customer reviews but still manage to last for almost 17 years (just a year away from the U.S. legal age)? Perhaps it does work to some degree and sugar babies did meet up with their sugar daddies through the site. On the other hand, in light of the billing mishaps and bad screening of the user base, some people might simply be desperate enough to give it a try or don’t know better.

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