First thing’s first. Is a legitimately good sugar daddy dating site? This review will take a careful look at all aspects of this site in order to determine if it’s a legitimate adult dating site that both sugar daddies and sugar babies will appreciate or not. isn’t absolutely terrible but it’s not exactly great either. It’s not a site to be avoided necessarily but it scores low in terms of our ratings because of your similarly low chances of getting a legitimate date.

In fairness, has improved quite a bit from its early days, where it shows outdated photos of 90-year-old men with a young woman. It’s aware of the 50 Shades of Grey effect.

First Impressions

We’ll say this. Sugar Daddy Scene at the very least lives up to its name. It’s mostly marketed to sugar daddies, so much so that three years ago, it had a May-December kind of romance being advertised in its front page. Lately, it has given some love to the sugar babies as well, as proven by how it now features a younger and handsomer sugar daddy.

Did this change in marketing impact Sugar Daddy Scene’s listings? Has there been an increase in sugar babies looking for younger sugar daddies and, as a result, there are now more sugar babies available for messaging?

The first impression offered by the revamped Sugar Daddy Scene is actually quite positive in terms of seemingly better membership. Oh how wrong we were.

Navigation uses a landing page where you specify whether you’re a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy looking for either. Back in 2015, it featured a stereotypical rich old guy with his gnarly hand around a young woman’s shoulders on the front page.

This eventually changed in 2018 (at the time of this writing) thanks to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey and the idea of having super-rich bachelors hanging around rather than super-old CEOs having a mid-life crisis of sorts. In terms of navigation, it’s riddled with ads. However, it’s not as bad as back in 2015 at least. In 2018, the ads are more hidden.

The site has also been updated in terms of navigation, with it going for the minimalist magazine layout versus the early 1990s chatroom look it used to have (complete with annoying ads). The site is now mobile-friendly and easy to navigate through whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. In fairness to the site, back in 2015 it’s only been around for 2 years (it was established back in 2013).

Now that it’s 2018, it has experience under its belt. The site’s willingness to adapt and improve is one of the reasons why it has a higher rating than it would’ve gotten otherwise.

Signing Up For an Account

It has a pretty standard registration page. Right up front, you’re requested to register an account before being able to browse the site, so it has a member’s only feel to it that’s not open to casual browsing. To sign up for an account, you should specify your city or zip code (it’s only available to U.S. residents) and then your Date of Birth by Month, Day, and Year.

The main issue with signup is how in-your-face it is, like one of those news sites which request you to subscribe or else a pay wall is used to keep you from accessing the content. The site also requires you to fill in 7 pages worth of info (for the sake of ensuring that you’re legitimate, particularly in terms of income).

It’s also filled with ads. This isn’t as bad like back when Sugar Daddy Scene first came about, with its popup prompt telling you all the membership options from the start. The popup at this point at least keeps the info being asked from you at a minimum rather than going the hard sell route.

However, even when you close the box, you can still end up with a membership if you were foolish enough to put in your credit card details. Avoid doing that at all costs. The standard membership is pretty worthless as well because you can’t message anyone.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

This section is where falters the most. Remember how back in 2015 or 2-3 years ago, Sugar Daddy Scene was filled with ads? This is still happening in 2018 and what’s worse is that the ads have become “smarter”, like native ads pretending to be actual articles in click-bait news sites.

More to the point, their ads are everywhere. They’re not off to the side like on other sites (which explains their relatively cheap membership fees since they’re ad-supported). The banners are pushed inward, making the ads on the side seem like people who are on the site.

This will lead members to click and try to message these ads instead of actual real members. You’ll tend to end up on other dating sites (that are probably better than this one since they don’t have their ads all over their own sites). You’re likelier to click on cam sites and cam girls than actual sugar babies.

Meanwhile, if you do manage to message a sugar baby instead of an ad (just don’t click anything outside the center scene), it doesn’t get much better. The site also suffers from a low success rate for sugar daddies. This actually explains why the site is so dependent on advertisers and offsite companies tricking you to give your credit card to them.

The site itself isn’t that great in terms of its girl selection even though it actually bothered to market itself more towards sugar babies along with the sugar daddies.


You can avail of a membership for relatively cheap like $18 per month for 6 months or $25 per month. This is in contrast with the $50, $70, and $100 options out there, but in fairness to those sites, they have better verification capabilities and fewer cam girl advertisements.

Watch out when you apply for a paid membership. It auto-renews. You’ll be stuck in a billing cycle until you figure out how to cancel your membership. You can also refuse to pay the site, but that will reflect badly on your credit card score. In other words, buyer beware when it comes to

The Bottom Line

On one hand, the site improved enough to go from being rated at 1 (worst site) to 2 (terrible but tolerable). On the other hand, that’s not much of an improvement for any serious sugar daddy or sugar baby looking for a long-lasting relationship (or business transaction, whichever floats your boat).

The pernicious underlying problems that has in the past, which involves slim pickings in terms of sugar babies and the sugar daddies as well as an overall listing that’s bloated with cam girl ads, remains despite the superficial changes in 2-3 years.

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