sure has an unusual name, doesn’t it? It sounds more like a news site for sugar daddies than an actual sugar daddy and baby dating site. With that said, it starts off promising enough when we scoped it out. What we got was a mixed bag of various positives that were tainted with equal amounts of negatives. More on this below.

First Impressions

One of the positives of this site is that it has no offsite marketing, spam, or ads. That’s what makes it different from most sugar daddy sites that actively encourage advertisers to advertise on their site with banner ads, clickbait, and even ads that look like profiles to trick members into clicking. In fairness to, its only ads are those for itself and how great it supposedly is. It doesn’t have any third-party ads for porn or cam girls at all.

Even though it’s progressive enough to appeal to sugar mommies and their male sugar babies, the site looks outdated because it’s barely making enough money to support itself by membership fees. In the end, it might as well have been a normal dating site rather than a sugar daddy site if it’s making everyone pay. The site works more like a traditional adult dating site than a sugar dating one, much to its detriment.


Aside from having a mostly ad-free experience, Sugar Daddy Today has an unusual website design and format. The navigation of Sugar Daddy Today is somewhat outdated (so it really should be named “Sugar Daddy Yesterday”) but still mostly works even by today’s web design standards. It’s reminiscent of the TabWorks format developed by Xerox’s XSoft Division as a shell for Windows 95 and 3.X. It organizes files in tabs, forming into a notebook-like interface.

What’s more, it was appropriately enough used in ancient 1990s Era Notebook PCs or laptops. At least it doesn’t look like a website that can only run on Mosaic or Netscape, but this unusual categorization of tabs by titles like Welcome, My Page, Mail, Hotties, Profile, Photos, and Last Search (while the Member Login appears to the far right on every page) works for the purposes of the site.

It just looks outdated because a large portion of the screen real estate is white space, as though you’ve stumbled across the site through the Internet Wayback Machine and it is best viewed on an 800 x 600 screen. It’s not a very dynamic site and it’s begging for a revamp. At least it’s not hidden behind a paywall or pop-up warning screen, right? Keep on reading. It has a different kind of paywall.

Signing Up For an Account

In order to access the Member Login (which involves a member name or email and password), you need to register with the site first. The welcome page asks you essentially the same things the registration page asks you but this time for the context of searching through the members available (you can search them but you can’t contact them until you have a profile, preferably a paid one).

When signing up for an account, you should provide your email and preferred password before supplying other info like member category (whether you’re a sugar daddy or mommy looking for a sugar baby), what your gender is, which country you’re from, what state or region you reside in, what city you’re at, and what “radius” you’re located in (whatever that means).

You’ll also have to specify from the beginning what sort of sugar daddy or sugar baby you’re looking for, so essentially you’ll be customizing your search settings while at the same time making your account available to your chosen demographic of daddies and babies. There’s even a Rate-Lock Guarantee wherein your membership won’t cost above $7.00 a month as long as your register for a paid account ASAP.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

When searching across the listings, you’re given by Sugar Daddy Today with multiple options for screening the different daddies or babies available. For example, you can specify your preferred ethnicity for your prospective partner, whether its white, black, Asian, Islander, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, East Indian, Middle Eastern, or All of the Above.

You can set the display by Latest Activity or Newest Members. You can also use the tabs to search for dating prospects in accordance to their photos, profiles, and so forth. There is even a Hotties section that covers the profiles that are most visited by the members that have not found a match just yet in spite of its popularity. Every profile on the site has a direct contact section that includes the email address, Skype, Instant Messenger, and phone number of the member.

On that note, herein lies the problem. Everyone has to pay in order to access the site. What this means is that both sugar daddies and babies have to get paid accounts to use the site as opposed to certain sites allowing the ladies to make accounts for free. This results in slim pickings for both sides. Instead of sugar babies flocking the site, there are fewer of them around in the listings, which defeats the purpose of a sugar daddy website.

If there’s a lack in sugar babies, then naturally the daddies follow suit. What’s more, the site has gotten low ratings from users and reviewers because the babies that are willing to pay for a membership are mostly porn actresses or cam girls offering nudes and videos for payment instead of actually caring to establish a relationship. It’s unfortunate, but some sugar daddy sites out there tend to get members whose sole purpose of paying for a membership is to advertise their porn sites.


Money confusion is where Sugar Daddy Today falters the most. The site isn’t free. To access anything, you need to enter your PayPal account information, which is probably a red flag for most any other veteran of the sugar dating industry. Furthermore, only the first 10 days of your “free” account is free. Afterwards, you have to pay $5.00 a month.

You’ll then get an email telling you that you have 7 days free, which means you’ve somehow lost 3 days. In short, the site is very dishonest when it comes to its free trials for something that has slim pickings when it comes to its listings.

The Bottom Line

The site, for all its flaws, won’t make you pay to contact someone through its exclusive messaging channels. You can instead contact them directly through their profile information. However, you should message that someone first before contacting them from out of the blue.

In the end, the quality of the membership will always make or break a site. So no, isn’t worth checking out today or tomorrow unless they overhaul some of their fundamental flaws as a sugar daddy dating website. There are better sites out there that’ll better fulfill your needs.

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